Event turns up unexpected treasures

TIPP CITY — The Tippecanoe Historical Society’s annual Appraisal Fair took place Jan. 16 at the American Legion Post 586.

The event was well-attended, with approximately 45 items being appraised by auctioneer Bob Honeyman.

One gentleman brought a small table with ivory insets given to him by his mother. He didn’t realize it was from India, circa 1920s or 30s, and that by removing the top, it folded up to be stored. A forerunner of the TV tray, perhaps?

It appraised at $100-$150.

Another gentleman brought in three Civil War items: a sword, an ammunition bag with tin inserts, and a tin type in a case of a Civil War soldier.

Total value was set at approximately $2,250.

A couple brought in a lamp with a camel on the base that had a removable “saddle”. Attendees learned that groups traveling through Europe would come to a certain point where they had to transfer their items to camels to cross — you may be surprised — Austria!

It appraised at $800-$900.

The Historical Society would like to thank the Legion for the use of their room and the Ladies Axillary for providing lunch items.

Another appraisal fair will be held next year on the third Saturday of January.