Finding things to celebrate this fall

Labor Day weekend is always bittersweet for me. When I was growing up, it signaled the end of summer break and the start of school. Even though school starts earlier these days, it’s still the end of summer in many ways. We had a last official family party this past weekend of 2017. Many fun times are shared Sundays throughout the summer. We always have good talks, good games, and super food.

I’m feeling nostalgic about the weekend and another season gone by. I love autumn and there’s much to look forward to with football, changing leaves, pumpkins, harvest, and Halloween. But much of that seems far away. I’m stuck between summer and fall, with nothing to look forward to except the project list sitting on my counter. Not that cleaning closets, painting rooms, and weeding dying gardens aren’t necessary, but it’s not exactly fun.

So I turned to my trusty website of wacky holidays to see what adventures I might create in September. As it turns out, there are quite a number of special days to anticipate and celebrate, if one has a mind to do so.

This coming weekend includes three such days. Friday, Sept. 8 is Pardon Day. This is a day set aside to give forgiveness to those who have offended or hurt you. Saturday, the 9th, is Teddy Bear Day. I might be able to find time to deliver teddy bears to my grand nieces and nephews who live around here. Now wouldn’t that be a fun day? I’m already feeling cheered up. Sunday, Sept. 10, is Swap Ideas Day. That’s a day designed to encourage the sharing of thoughts or ideas with others. The website had some great ideas for swap day (naturally, since they want us to share different ideas). These included hosting a favorite things party. Ask all your guests to bring a favorite item from home – a tube of toothpaste, a book, a pen, a mug, for example. You can have them share their story about it, or have them swap it with others. It sounds like a great idea for a party!

There are other fun holidays to celebrate this fall before Halloween frenzy kicks in. Sept. 12 is Chocolate Milkshake Day. I’m sure we can all figure out how to best celebrate this occasion. The same can be said for Saturday, Sept. 16, which is Guacamole Day.

The 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. This has been celebrated since 1995 all over the world! For the whole day, you can dress like a swashbuckler, intersperse your speech with “arg” and “matey,” and even host a pirate themed get-together. You can show Treasure Island or Pirates of the Carribbean. I’ll leave the menu to your imagination.

Love Note Day is Sept. 26. Imagine the joy if each of us sent a love note to a special person — sweetheart, parent, child, sibling, or friend. Wouldn’t we create a wonderful day!

As it turns out, just thinking about these have lifted my spirits, so I’m off to weed with a cheerful heart. Email me at

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By Sue Curtis

Sue is a retired public servant who volunteers at the Hospice store (For All Seasons) in Troy and teaches part-time at Urbana University. She keeps busy taking care of husband, house, and pets. She and her husband have an adult son who lives in Troy.


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