Books for the younger crowd

By Marianne Murray Guess

It’s time to pick summer reads for the younger crowd. Students out there have probably sifted through the books teachers have asked them to read this summer. Now it’s time for them to select their own books for some fun reading before classes start this fall. Here are some perfect summer reading selections that may fill the bill.

Jen Calonita: Jen is a young adult author who loves what she does because it lets her connect with young teens. She loves writing novels for teens and usually likes to write about worlds she knows. She recently jumped into a fairy tale world for her first middle grade series — “Fairy Tale Reform School.” Her fans loved getting to know spunky Gilly and the enchanted reform school she attends. The series started with “Flunked,” then followed the sequel, “Charmed” and a third book, “Tricked,” to be released in March 2017. Her books have been praised by a long line of reviewers. As one said in The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, “this clear novel and its smart, enduring cast of characters will have readers enchanted and eager for more.”

Jordan Jacobs: Not only is Jordan an author, he’s an archaeologist as well. He went on his first excavation when he was 13 and has logged travel to some 40 countries being out there in the dirt and digging holes. His groundbreaking first book was “Samantha Sutton and the Labyrinth of Lies,” followed by “Samantha Sutton and the Winter Warrior Queen.” Jordan said it might have been easier to write “Sam Sutton” but the story came to mind to have a girl. It came about when seeing a home movie of his wife as a young girl and finding she was so serious and in control of the situation that he patterned his lead character, Samantha, after her. The School Library Journal wrote, “Samantha is a refreshingly capable and brave protagonist who relies on her wits to get out of situations well beyond her 12 years.” Readers love Jordan’s authentic archaeological thrillers for children. Oh, and coming soon, “Samantha Sutton and the Temple of Traitors.”

Kate L. Mary: “Moonchild,” is the first book in her new adult series, where we find a world fueled by greed and corruption, where airships rule the skies and coalmines have been turned into prisons. Scarlet Moon has one goal — survive! Kate is an award-winning author of new adult and young adult fiction ranging from post-apocalyptic tales of the undead, to speculative fiction and contemporary romance. “Scarlet Moon,” book two in the Moonchild Series will be in bookshops soon.

Christine & Christopher Russell: They live on the Isle of Wight, which is just off the coast of England. They have written a delightful children’s series that started with “The Quest of the Warrior Sheep” — a crazy caper about five sheep, one cell phone and the greatest quest of their woolly lives. There are three other Warrior Sheep books — “Go West,” “Down Under” and “Go Jurassic.” The Quest was published in 2010 and the sheep have been creating mayhem around the world ever since. This undoubtedly is the most unlikely of all epic adventure novels for children you will ever come across. I highly recommend them.

Ruth Kibler Peck: Ruth, a retired Northmont teacher, has written the true story of a Dayton girl who grows up during World War II. Her book, “Poverty, Puberty & Patriotism,” begins as the Great Depression ends and WWII begins. The Kibler family finds their lives drastically challenged by life in a miserable trailer camp, a devastating fire and by her mother’s near-death illness. Despite the sacrifices, Ruth finds joy in new friends, in the beauty of Island Park and being a teenager. This is a history lesson you won’t find in schools and I believe should be a must read for teenagers today.

I hope you young readers, young adults and new adults between middle school, high school and even college, can browse the bookshops and find some books you would like to read before summer creeps into fall. Happy summer reading, everyone!

Marianne Murray Guess is the owner of New and Olde Pages Book Shoppe in Englewood. She lives in Laura, Ohio.

By Marianne Murray Guess