Tipp City police reports

Sept. 9

BURGLARY: An officer was dispatched to the City Park football field on a burglary complaint. The door to the home side ticket office had been kicked in and there was damage to the door and hasp. The reporting party advised that nothing was missing from the building and told police the burglar might have thought there was a cash box inside.

Sept. 10

THEFT: Police were dispatched to the 500 block of Storm Court in reference to a theft from a vehicle. The owner left his truck unlocked overnight and his wallet and a Glock 19 were stolen sometime between midnight and 6 a.m. Sunday. The firearm was entered into LEADS as stolen.

THEFT: Police responded to a call in the 600 block of Maeghann Court regarding a theft from a motor vehicle sometime between midnight and 4 a.m.. The owner reported that only some loose change and a phone charger were taken. The report noted that this is in relation to several other theft cases from the same evening.

Another vehicle owner on Maeghann Court reported that someone broke into his truck and stole loose change the previous evening.

Sept. 12

SUSPICIOUS: The department received multiple calls about a homeless woman in Veterans Memorial Park at the corner of Hyatt and Main Streets. She was offered assistance and is working with Tipp Monroe Community Services for help.

Sept. 13

DEAD BODY: An officer was dispatched to the Meijer Distribution Center where he was directed to a tractor trailer and told that the driver appeared to be deceased. In addition to the body, there was a Doberman dog. According to the report, the man appeared to have been dead for a “little while due to his physical appearance.” The Miami County Animal Shelter took possession of the dog. The driver was identified by his wallet and his wife was notified.

Sept. 14

TRAFFIC STOP: An officer stopped a vehicle that was driving without headlights in the dark and rain. The driver, Serena Smith, told the officer that she did not have a license. The officer determined that she had a warrant out of Clark County and made arrangement to meet a Clark County deputy at the Speedway in New Carlisle to exchange custody of Smith.

Sept. 15

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to the Speedway on West Main Street in regards to a theft. According to an employee, who was reportedly visibly upset, four mean entered the store when it was very busy and one of them bought a pack of Swisher Sweets and some gas. A second man tried to pay for $7 worth of candy and drinks with a $100 bill, before changing his mind and telling the employee he didn’t want to break the bill. The employee said she could not void the transaction and at some point, because of the long line and his “persistent nature,” the bill was given back to him before it was put in the register. He continued to press the employee and then told her she could keep the bill and that she could just give him $93 back, which she did. After he left, another customer told the employee that he had pocketed the $100 bill while he was talking and that he had not actually paid.