Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

April 15

WARRANT: A deputy had prior knowledge that Francisco Guerra would be at the address of 1209 Lenox Street in Piqua and currently has an active warrant out of Miami County. While traveling to the address on Lenox Street the deputy observed Francisco walking along Echo Lake Drive.

The deputy made contact with Francisco at 1203 Echo Lake Drive. The deputy then requested his Identification and dispatch confirmed the warrant. Francisco was taken into custody and transported to the Miami County Jail.

HARASSMENT: On this date, Indian’s Pizza in Pleasant Hill had someone calling the business making obscene comments. They would not give their information and the number showed up as blocked. The owner, Karen Armentrout, asked the situation be documented. The deputy advised her to call her phone company and see if they could determine the call location/number and have it blocked.

GOLF COURSE RESUSCITATION: A squad call at the Homestead Golf Course on Worley Road stating a 57-year-old male was having a heart attack and not responding. A deputy found the victim at the 8th hole. The caller, Robert Sundlie was giving chest compressions to the victim, Larrell Walters as the deputy was parking next to them. Sundie then rolled Larrell on to his side as the deputy grabbed the AED. The deputy assisted at the scene until Tipp City EMS arrived at the scene.

April 16

DRUG OFFENSE: A deputy observed the listed vehicle was eastbound on State Route 571, speeding at 79 mph in a 55 mph zone near 4900 block of West State Route 571, West Milton. As the deputy pulled up behind the vehicle the subjects in the vehicle appeared to be ducked down trying to hide.

The deputy made contact with driver and registered owner who is a juvenile. The deputy could detect the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. Also, both he and a 15-year-old passenger’s eyes were blood shot. The deputy asked them where they were going and they advised to McDonalds. The driver produced a driving privilege form from Miami County Juvenile Court that showed his license was suspended and that he was driving outside of his privileges. checked the vehicle and located a baggie of marijuana in the sunglasses holder on the roof of the vehicle. I asked the driver if it was his and he said it was both of theirs. The deputy then asked the passenger if the marijuana was his and he said no. The deputy also located two packages of Swisher Cigarello’s and two packs of Marlboro cigarettes in the vehicle. One pack was on the floorboard of the passenger side of the vehicle and the other was on the driver’s door side panel. The deputy asked the passenger if his parents knew where he was and he said yes they knew he was spending the night with Jacob. Both juveniles admitted that their parents did not know that they had they had left their residences I had dispatch contact both parents

After further investigation, the deputy checked the vehicle and located a baggie of marijuana in the sunglasses holder on the roof of the vehicle.The driver said it belonged to both of them. The deputy also located two packages of Swisher Cigarello’s and two packs of Marlboro cigarettes in the vehicle Both juveniles admitted that their parents did not know that they had they had left their residences. The deputy had dispatch contact both parents and they responded to pick up their sons and remove the vehicle.

The juvenile driver was issued a traffic citation for DUS and speeding, also a misdemeanor summons for possession of marijuana, possession of tobacco, and curfew. The juvenile passenger was issued a misdemeanor summons for curfew and possession of tobacco.

The marijuana and tobacco products were secured in the evidence room of the Miami County Sheriff’s Office.

OVI: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a moving violation and made contact with the driver who was identified as the defendant Jody Sanders. After further investigation Sanders was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken into custody for OVI.

OVI: A deputy initiated a traffic stop on a red Chevrolet Truck for a marked lanes violation in the village of Pleasant Hill. The female driver, identified as 59-year-old Deborah Miller, was subsequently taken into custody for OVI.

Her vehicle was locked and secured and left at the scene.

April 18

POWER OUTAGE: A deputy was dispatched to an injury accident at Evanston Road and Tipp Canal Road in Monroe Township. Dispatch informed the deputy the reporting person, Jeff Tron, informed them he was driving on the roadway in a skid loader when he struck a guy wire attached to power poles belonging to D.P.&L. The deputy requested dispatch confirm with Jeff that he was in fact on the roadway and this was not a private property incident. Dispatch advised again that Jeff said he was on the roadway.

The deputy responded and found Jeff and the skid loader (Bobcat) approximately 50 feet off of the road in a field. The deputy asked Jeff if he had been on the roadway prior to the crash. Jeff said he was never on the road with the skid loader. The deputy asked Jeff if he had told our dispatch center he had been driving on the roadway with the skid loader. He advised he had not.

Additionally, Jeff advised he was hired to do work along the field and accidentally stuck the guy wire. The guy wire snapped and struck the power poles which in turn caused a large power outage for the Tipp City area. Personnel from Tipp City were on scene waiting for D.P.&L. to arrive. The deputy informed Jeff I would do an information report in the event he or the city needed one.

TRESPASSING: A resident in the 500 block of Fulrong Road, Laura, reported by phone that she found notes at her property left by Larry Garber. She said that she knew of Mr. Garber from the past and was aware of his criminal history involving murder. She further stated that she and her husband did not want Mr. Garber on their property nor did they want him to contact them. The deputy made contact in person with Mr. Garber at his residence and informed him to not have any contact with the reporting party and not to go to their property for any reason. He said that he understood and would comply to this. The reporting party was advised to contact 911 if she had any further problems with Mr. Garber.

CORN HUSK: A resident in the 6000 block of Farrington Road, Covington, requested a report due to corn husk from the filed adjacent to his property blowing into his yard. The reporting party advised he has spoken with the farmer who farms the field adjacent to his property, but the farmer doesn’t seem to care about the corn husk blowing on to Gardner’s property.

The deputy informed Gardner this is a civil matter / neighbor complaint. Further, the deputy advised the reporting party would take a report for him, but he should probably speak with his township trustees for further guidance.