Council OKs sewer repairs

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — At a special meeting held last Tuesday, the West Milton village council voted to replace lift station pumps that service the Church of God campground on Jay Road.

Council approved the purchase of two service pumps for the South Jay Road lift station from Swigart Electric Motors of Englewood in the amount of $18,500. The pumps at this lift station are more than 20 years old and failed earlier this month, causing back-ups.

Village crews attempted to clear the line, but were unsuccessful. Staff hired a private company to clean it out, who also ran into difficulty, Municipal Manager Matt Kline told council. Crews found the cause of the blockage, which is suspected to be a broken piece of the air release valve on the line.

The problem was discovered before campers arrived on the campground, Kline noted.

Because of the age and condition of the pumps, they could not be rebuilt.

Council also approved additional work needed to complete the playground in Municipal Park. The playground was constructed last year, but requires the completion of a concrete sidewalk and a polished concrete slide.

Council signed a contract with Coate Construction at a cost of $16,750.

The slide is expected to be completed in mid-June ahead of the village’s Fourth of July festivities, Kline said.

The council also approved an ordinance directing the county auditor to certify the village’s tax valuation for the renewal of the village’s street levy. This is the first step toward placing the levy on the ballot in November.

The current levy was passed by the voters in November of 2013 and runs for a five year period. The levy helps the village maintain its streets and storm sewers.

The village’s charter requires an ordinance requesting certification of tax values from the auditor. Later this year, council will need to pass a resolution to place the renewal levy on the ballot.

By Cecilia Fox

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