Tipp City police reports

Nov. 2

DRUG OFFENSE: An officer stopped a vehicle whose owner’s license was under suspension. The driver and owner was identified at Dominic Fifer, who said he was not aware his license was suspended. He mentioned that he had a charge of marijuana possession. He and his passenger were asked to exit the vehicle, where several pipes and a marijuana grinder were found. He was cited with driving under suspension and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Nov. 3

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to the Bob Evans where the manager reported that 13 people, whom he described as Hispanic, left the restaurant without paying their $90 bill. They left in four separate vehicles.

Nov. 4

TRAFFIC STOP: An officer on patrol noticed a vehicle with a loud muffler in the area of West Main and Hyatt Streets. The light turned green and the vehicle continued to sit at the light until the light turned back to red, when it proceeded through the intersection. The officer initiated a stop and found it to be driven by owner Patricia Shoop. In the passenger seat was Bridgett Staton.

The officer noted a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. A search discovered 1.2 grams of marijuana wrapped in a one dollar bill and a wooden box containing a marijuana pipe. Shoop was cited for loud muffler, failure to obey a traffic control device and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

OVI: An officer stopped a vehicle on North Hyatt Street with expired registration. The officer noticed that the driver had bloodshot eyes and smelled an odor of alcohol and marijuana. The driver, Megan Waters, told the officer that she’d been out with friends for her birthday and had had three beers. After field sobriety testing, Waters was placed under arrest. Her breath sampled returned a result of 0.096. The officer found marijuana and paraphernalia in her car. She was cited with expired registration, OVI, drug possession and drug paraphernalia.

Nov. 6

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A resident in the 200 block of Rolling Acres Drive called the police to report that his vehicle and front porch had been vandalized. Damage was documented to the reporting party’s car and broken bottles were left in front of his door.

OVI: Around 3 a.m., an officer driving north on Kinna Drive noticed a running vehicle parked off of Harmony with the lights off. While making contact with the driver, Jimmie Maloy, the officer noted an odor of alcohol and marijuana and that the driver had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Maloy told the officer that he was self-medicating due to a painful heath condition. Maloy refused to give a breath sample and became argumentative. A marijuana pipe was found on the floor board. Maloy was placed under arrest and incarcerated.