Petitions approved by BOE

By Sam Wildow -

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Board of Elections met Friday afternoon, looking at a portion of the petitions submitted for the general election coming up on Nov. 3. There were approximately 30 invalid candidate petitions submitted to the board.

“Those are really elementary mistakes,” Board Member Jose Lopez said. Reasons behind having an invalid petition included the circulator statement not being completed, insufficient signatures, nominating petition not completed, petition not signed, petition not dated, and statement of candidacy dated after signatures collected.

The following petitions were not accepted due to invalidity:

  • Gregory Scott Lawson, Bethel, Board of Education
  • Michael Van Haaren, Bethel, Board of Education
  • Deborah A. Watson, Bethel Township, fiscal officer
  • Michael E. Miller, Bradford, Board of Education
  • Art Bowser, Brown Township, fiscal officer
  • Dawn R. Vanover, Casstown, Council
  • Anglea Lewis, Casstown, Council
  • Judith K. Smith, Covington, Council
  • Lois Newman, Covington, Council
  • Bradley B. Hall, Covington, Council
  • Danny L. McEowen, Fletcher, mayor
  • Kenneth D. James, Laura, Council
  • Myrna Yoder, Miami County, Educational Service Center
  • Harold Brumfield, Miami East, Board of Education
  • Lori Ginn Parson, Milton-Union, Board of Education
  • Mary E. Benedict, Newberry Township, fiscal officer
  • Kody Phillip Thiebeau, Newberry Township, trustee
  • Michael Maniaci, Newberry Township, trustee
  • Mark A. Landis, Newberry Township, trustee
  • Kurt Locker, Newberry Township, trustee
  • Leonard Wirz, Pleasant Hill, mayor
  • Gary L. Johnson, Pleasant Hill, mayor
  • Paul Laughman, Pleasant Hill, Council
  • Thomas E. Hill, Springcreek Township, fiscal officer
  • Vernon J. Quinter, Jr., Springcreek Township, fiscal officer
  • Jeff Cron, Staunton Township, trustee
  • Patricia Lynch, Tipp City, Board of Education
  • Samuel P. Kronour, Tipp City, Board of Education
  • David Heffner, Troy, Board of Education
  • Marjorie Coate, Union Townships, fiscal officer

The following petitions were valid and accepted by the board:

  • Lori Sebastian, Bethel, Board of Education
  • Gary Lee Biggs, Bethel Township, trustee
  • Galen A. Balmert, Bradford, Council
  • Brenda Selanders, Bradford, fiscal officer
  • Maria Brewer, Bradford, Board of Education
  • Donald Stump, Bradford, mayor
  • Scott W. Swabb, Bradford, Board of Education
  • John Beal, Brown Township, trustee
  • Daniel Leon Sturgill, Brown Township, trustee
  • Amanda Shoup, Casstown, Council
  • William B. Whidden, Concord Township, trustee
  • Patricia M. Quillen, Concord Township, fiscal officer
  • Edward McCord, Covington, mayor
  • Keith L. Warner, Covington, Council
  • Mark Miller, Covington, Board of Education
  • Micah Mitchell, Elizabeth Township, trustee
  • Mary Ann Mumford, Elizabeth Township, fiscal officer
  • Benjamin Sampson, Elizabeth Township, trustee
  • John R. Ryman, Elizabeth Township, trustee
  • Walter E. Pemberton, Lostcreek Township, fiscal officer
  • Richard D. Walker, Lostcreek Township, trustee
  • Gary A. Nasal, Miami County, Municipal Court judge
  • Neil Thiesing, Miami County, Educational Service Center
  • Carl D. Bowman, Miami County, Educational Service Center
  • Janel Hodges, Miami County, Educational Service Center
  • Rusty Miller, Miami East, Board of Education
  • John E. Demmitt, Miami East, Board of Education
  • Mark Edward Iiames, Miami East, Board of Education
  • Christopher Stephen Long, Milton-Union, Board of Education
  • Jessica Brumbaugh, Milton-Union, Board of Education
  • John J. Skolnicki, Monroe Township, fiscal officer
  • Ronald D. Thuma, Monroe Township, trustee
  • J. Jason Sargent, Newberry Township, trustee
  • Robert E. Reck, Newberry Township, trustee
  • Tonia L. Schauer, Newton, Board of Education
  • Nathan Oburn, Newton, Board of Education
  • John L. Wackler, Newton Township, fiscal officer
  • Gene Laughman, Newton Township, trustee
  • Clint Bostick, Piqua, Board of Education
  • Frank J. Patrizio, Piqua, Board of Education
  • Stanley A. Fessler, Pleasant Hill, trustee of Board of Public Affairs
  • Mindy Grube, Springcreek Township, fiscal officer
  • Robert Black, Springcreek Township, fiscal officer
  • Douglas DeWeese, Springcreek Township, trustee
  • Sarah Fine, Staunton Township, fiscal officer
  • Christine Mumma, Staunton Township, fiscal officer
  • Theresa M. Dunaway, Tipp City, Board of Education
  • Douglas Andrew Venters, Tipp City, Board of Education
  • Donald A. Watson, Tipp City, Board of Education
  • Amy Stueve, Tipp City, Board of Education
  • Samuel L. Spano, Tipp City, Board of Education
  • Jay Lopez, Tipp City, Board of Education
  • Douglas Trostle, Troy, Board of Education
  • Thomas J. Kleptz, Troy, Board of Education
  • Philip S. Mote, Union Township, trustee
  • Mikel Rike Brown, Washington Township, fiscal officer
  • Matthew Hartley, Washington Township, trustee
  • Ryan Havenar, Brown Township, trustee
  • Michael Ham, Troy, Board of Education

Board Member Lopez abstained from voting to approve Jay Lopez’s petition for the Tipp City Board of Education.

Petitions for Piqua City Commission, Tipp City Council, and West Milton Council will be considered at a later date.

The following issues are expected to be on the Nov. 3 election:

  • Monroe Township, Senior Citizens Levy, additional, 1.00 millage, operating fund
  • Lostcreek Township, renewal levy, 1.50 millage, fire fund
  • Bethel Township, additional levy, 2.10 millage, road fund
  • Piqua Library, renewal levy, 1.30 millage, operating fund
  • Miami County Bridge Levy, renewal, 0.45, operating fund
  • SW ambulance district, 1.50 millage, operating fund
  • Riverside DD, renewal levy, 2.50 millage, operating fund
  • Fletcher Village, renewal levy, 1.00 millage ambulance fund
  • Casstown Village, renewal levy, 1.65 millage, fire fund
  • City of Union, renewal levy with increase, 4.00 millage, street fund
  • Milton-Union Exempted Village School District, renewal levy, 3.90 millage, capital improvement fund
  • Troy City School District-Hayner, renewal levy, 0.85 millage operating fund
  • Newton Schools, renewal levy, 0.75 percent income tax, operating fund

Later during the board meeting, Deputy Director Eric Morgan stated that another hard drive had crashed. Morgan explained that they were told that the cause could be the power supply failing, overheating, or the motherboard failing.

“What I don’t want in this presidential election is a failing of this kind of magnitude,” Lopez said. Lopez stated that their “ancient technology” could cause them “real liability” during upcoming elections.

The board also received e-poll book demonstrations.

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall

Reach Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall