To the Editor:

In 1871 concern over poor marksmanship during the Civil War led to the creation of the National Rifle Association. By the 1950’s its stated purpose was :Firearms Safety Education,Marksmanship Training,and Shooting for Recreation. Today,it is a far different group with only slightly more than 5 percent of gun owners belonging to the NRA.

The NRA has now evolved into a radical organization opposed to all gun laws,common sense or not, and is seemingly incapable of expressions of humanity. In the 1970s an NRA lobbyist pushed the notion that assassinations of the 1960’s might be part of some gun control conspiracy.

With each mass shooting, not to mention the other 30,000 gun deaths a year in America, it is glaringly evident that the NRA’s love affair with firearms precludes even the slightest acknowledgement regarding the suffering and emotional toll victims and families must endure because of gun violence. To the paranoid NRA everything is a “slippery slope”.

I mistakenly thought things might be different after the December 2012 massacre of innocent children and staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary. But instead of supporting reasonable gun measures that grieving families called for,and which would surely have been seen as a positive gesture, the NRA went on the offensive pushing for even fewer restrictions.

As in the latest mass shooting tragedy in Orlando and in subsequent ones, we should not expect any outpouring of concern from the NRA. Where there is no soul, there can be no heartfelt sympathy-even when it is so desperately needed.

Perhaps,then, we could use an amendment to the Amendment: “The right of the people to bear witness to the terrible destruction of citizens by arms and to offer constructive compromises shall not be infringed. “

— Larry Brown

Tipp City