Tipp board reviews report card

By Cecilia Fox - cfox@troydailynews.com

TIPP CITY — At Monday night’s school board meeting, Tipp City Superintendent Gretta Kumpf discussed the district’s overall B grade on the state report card, one of three B’s in the county.

“Our overall score as a district was a B. Actually we’re very proud of that,” Kumpf said. The other Miami County districts that received a B were Newton and Miami East.

Kumpf broke down some of the district’s component scores for the board and said that scores in some areas might not paint an accurate picture of work the district is doing.

One of those areas is K-3 reading scores, Kumpf said.

“Literacy is is a very strong area for our district, so it’s difficult when we receive a C in this area,” she said.

Kumpf noted that 100 percent of third graders met the state’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee requirements for promotion to fourth grade. But of those students, 79.5 percent scored as proficient on the state’s English language arts test, just under the 80 percent passage rate.

The district is required to create a Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan for students who are not considered to be on track for English language arts proficiency. The report card shows that 49 students improved to “on track” of the 115 students that started out “off track.”

Broadway Principal Tina Smith said that school has students who are “very good readers, but don’t necessarily test the best,” and who are required to by the state to have a RIMP in place.

Kumpf also went over the district’s achievement score, an area where the district earned a C. That category is split into two components: performance index and indicators met.

The district received an 81 percent in performance index, earning 97.3 points out of a possible 120. Kumpf noted that to earn a 100 percent, all of the district’s students would have to score at proficient or better.

“That is quite a challenge,” she said.

The district also met 14 out of 24 indicators, which are test scores in various subjects at different grade levels. The passage rate for indicators is 80 percent.

Kumpf noted that middle school math scores, a 68.8 percent at the seventh grade level and a 59.5 percent for eighth graders, do not include those students who are taking advanced math classes at the high school. They are also not included in the high school scores.

School board president Sam Spano asked if there are any changes that could be made so that those students’ scores could be counted with their classmates’ scores. He also asked if those students could take exams at both levels so that their results would be reflected on the report card.

“We do what’s best for kids, not necessarily what’s going to get reported on the report card,” Assistant Superintendent Galen Gingerich said.

High School Principal Steve Verhoff said, “We test kids way too much as it is.”

The district earned A’s in both the graduation rate component, with a four year graduation rate of 86.8 percent, and in gap closing, a component that shows how well schools are meeting the performance standards for vulnerable student populations. The district scored 100 percent in this area, which compares the performance of students in subgroups including economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities and multiracial and Hispanic students to the performance goals for those groups to determine if gaps exist.

Note: A previous version of this story left out Newton Local Schools, which was one of three districts that received an overall B grade from the state.

By Cecilia Fox


Reach Cecilia Fox at cfox@troydailynews.com.

Reach Cecilia Fox at cfox@troydailynews.com.