Health inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at

Sept. 22

Ulbrich’s Hometown Bakery, 14 N. Hyatt St., Tipp City — Critical: at the time of inspection, the PIC was unable to provide the ingredients and allergens of the donuts and packaged cookies. Wet wiping cloths were observed being stored in the three compartment sink — not in sanitizer. Package of cookies adjacent to the cash register were observed without labels. Did not observe a sanitizing test kit for the sanitizer provided. Critical: at the time of inspection, the establishment was observed without an EPA regulated sanitizer.

Tom’s Pizza, 690 S. Miami St., West Milton — At the time of inspection, none of the employees present had Level One Food Safety training certification. Wet wiping cloth was observed being stored the food prep table adjacent to the pizza oven. The shelves in the stand-up reach-in cooler were observed with rust build-up. The office chest freezer was observed to be noncommercial.

Sept. 23

Wild Fire Pizza, 9953 W. Emerick Road, West Milton — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Hickory River Concessions, 135 S. Garber Road, Tipp City — Critical: at the time of inspection, one pan of ribs were observed holding at 130F.

Sept. 24

Kona Ice of Troy, 4820 Kessler Cowlesville Road, West Milton — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Sept. 25

Cassano’s, 1201 Experiment Farm Road, Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Bethel Local Schools, 7490 S. State Route 201, Tipp City — Corrected during inspection: observed foods in metal pan with lid being stored underneath ice accumulation from the condensing unit in walk-in freezer. Observed no hand washing signs for the sinks inside of restrooms. Observed ice accumulation underneath and around condensing units inside of walk-in freezer.

Village Sunoco, 211 S. Main St., Pleasant Hill — Critical: person-in-charge was not able to present a illness reporting guideline or an equivalent form during the inspection. Person-in-charge stated that the facility is washing apples to serve to customers in RTE form. Back in March of 2017, facility had restriction placed on their license stating they are not to prepare food in any way that would involve a food prep sink. Critical: observed no ingredient list or allergen list for donuts that are being sold in the facility. Observed no sanitizing test strips to check the sanitizing level for the three compartment sink. Repeat: observed cold holding unit not holding the ham sandwiches in the unit at the correct temperature (44 F). Observed re-use of single service container to hold deli ham in prep cooler beside furnace units in the back area. Observed coffee stirrers not protected against contamination being set out for customer use. Observed drain in front of furnace units that is covered in grime and not being cleaned properly. Observed a build-up of dust and dark residual on the ceiling panel of the walk-in cooler.

Sept. 26

Hot Head Burrito, 1287 S. Dorset Road, Troy — Person-in-charge was not able to provide Level II Food Safety Certification during inspection. Observed that hand drying station on the hand washing sink by the three compartment sink needs to be repaired. Observed leak on the faucet above the vegetable prep sink during inspection. Observed that there was no hand washing cleanser at the hand washing sink by the three compartment sink. Observed no hand drying provisions at the hand washing station by three compartment sink. Critical: observed working bottle of a chemical that was not properly labeled, corrected during inspection.

Circle K, 1901 W. Main St., Troy — Corrected during inspection: observed dented cans in food storage area. Critical: observed buckets and other items inside of the hand washing sink beside three compartment sink, corrected during inspection.

Sept. 27

Miami Shores Golf Course, 402 E. Staunton Road, Troy — Critical: the food in the top and bottom sections of the prep cooler were observed holding between 50F and 55F. Repeat: two noncommercial freezers were observed in the kitchen area (back kitchen stand up and chest adjacent to the Aquafina cooler). The reach-in prep cooler was observed with an ambient air temperature of 51F.

Angela’s Circle of Friends Childcare, 2910 Stone Circle, Troy — Critical: person in charge did not ensure that employees are informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report information about their health.

Sept. 28

Tipp City Foodtown, 960 W. Main St., Tipp City — Critical: at the time of inspection, in the bakery area the employee was observed not sanitizing utensils after cleaning and prior to air drying. Critical: in the display shelving holding such food items as packaged bacon, sausage, and lunchables, raw packaged sausage patties were observed being stored above ready-to-eat sausage. Critical: in the meat area display case, store packaged raw chicken livers were observed being stored above ready-to-eat salmon. Critical: in the meat cutting room, Styrofoam material was observed being used on the inlet of the meat grinder. Critical: the following food contact surfaces were observed with dust and food debris build-up: the bakery bread slicer, the deli meat and cheese slicers (ensure the slicers are thoroughly cleaned every four hours), the meat walk-in cooler chipper, the grinder of the coffee machine, on the surfaces of the meat cuber, the lid of the Cool Whip Case was observed with a mold-like build-up. At the time of inspection, the three compartment sinks in the bakery, deli and raw meat areas were observed without sanitizing solution test strips. Repeat: the following equipment were observed in disrepair: the meat cuber and cuber shield were observed with cracks and duct tape, ice build-up was observed on the dairy cooler evaporator unit 3, pooling water was observed on the bottom surface of the “Reduced for Quick Sale” cooler, pooling water and wet cloths were observed beneath the display freezer on the floor, ice machine lid in the meat cutting room. Repeat: in the produce prep area, the cutting board was observed with scratches and scoring making it unable to be easily cleaned. Repeat: the cutting board in the meat cutting room was observed with scratches and scoring. In the deli area, boxes of single-serve items were observed being stored on the floor. In the meat cutting room, ceiling tiles were observed in disrepair resulting in a lack of a smooth and easily cleanable surface, the light intensity was observed at 1.9 foot candles, the wall paneling behind the three compartment sink was observed in disrepair, a mold-like substance build-up was observed on the wall paneling. Mouse droppings were observed in the back storage area behind the produce walk-in cooler.

Concord Elementary School, 3145 State Route 718, Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Sept. 29

Loafin’ Around, 5850 Phillip Drive, Tipp City — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Fulton Farms Market, 2393 State Route 202, Troy — Critical: in the unfinished back storage area, an open bag of popcorn was observed being stored on the floor. Critical: in the back storage area, one carton of blackberries and one carton of blueberries were observed with what appeared to be mold build-up. Critical: the popcorn machine was observed with food debris build-up. In the ice cream parlor, wet wiping cloths were observed being stored on food contact surfaces. The packaged caramel apples in the produce area were observed not properly labeled. In the stand-up cooler in the produce area, cartons of eggs were observed not labeled. In the unfinished back storage area, open bags of single-serve items were observed being stored on the floor. In the finished storage room with the hot water heater, the ceiling was observed with a black mold-like substance.

Chick-Fil-A, 1910 W. Main St., Troy — Critical: observed rags used to clean up spill inside of handwashing sink in front area, corrected during inspection. Observed small cutting boards that were being used to prepare food that are severely scratched and stained. Observed plastic bowls being used to scoop chicken out of the salad prep cooler and resting on the chicken, corrected during inspection.

From the Piqua Health Department

No inspections were available.