Pet of the Week

Meet Joe Cocker

Another one of our “true rescues,” this little guy was found being sold on a street corner. I will let you figure why someone might do that to a pup.

Born about March 24, 2015, “Joe Cocker” is a black and tan, intact, male, Cocker Spaniel puppy dog. He is — as most pups are — a very active and energetic, little dog who loves to play, play, PLAY! For that reason we would really like to find him a home with another pup around his own age, or a younger child to rump with.

Joe is a little too young to be completely housebroken yet, but he is learning “newspaper training,” and given the amount of intelligence he has shown: we believe it won’t take very long for him to catch on to “potty training” once he is living in his new “Forever Home”.

For more information on “Joe Cocker,” or any of our other dogs, puppies, cats or kittens: Please call us at 937-450-1227, or contact us via email at Lovefourpaws@ATT.NET.