Leave the field where it is

To the Editor:

An open letter to the new Tipp City School Board regarding the football stadium. With no time to think about the consequences, you are being asked to make a huge decision on where to go forward on the location of the field.

If you want to make Tipp look like every other town, by all means vote to relocate to the high school. But if you want to keep arguably the neatest football field location in the entire Miami Valley, leave the field in the park.

The field needs upgrades for sure. I envision a horseshoe shape that is not too tall and therefore not offensive to the neighboring park. The locker rooms could be supplied by the aquatic center to the north. You could use the fall of the land to the east for updated rest rooms, officials rooms and concession stands underneath the seating. But most of all you would be carrying on a 70-year tradition of where the Tippecanoe Red Devils showcase their football !

Another huge benefit is that it would have to be less expensive than moving to a different location. I would love to have the architect come to an Alumni Board meeting to discuss this. I don’t think a Dayton outsider has any clue about the feelings of our citizens about this. I think he was told to design a one size fits all approach, which of course is not the case. So think carefully school board members and check your friends and neighbors to see if what I am talking about makes sense. And go Red Devils!

— Gordon H. Honeyman

Tipp City