Second Studio 14 opens in Troy

Business to offer art classes, painting parties

By Cecilia Fox -

TROY — The owners of an art gallery and studio in Tipp City have opened a new studio in Troy, which will offer both fine arts classes and painting parties.

Co-owner of Studio 14 Gallery and Fine Arts Center in Tipp City Leslie Trimbach partnered with fellow artist Dawn Spoltman to open Studio 14 Creative Arts Center in Troy. The center celebrated its grand opening last week.

According to Trimbach and Spoltman, the business had started to outgrow the Tipp City location and it was time to open a sister studio.

Both location offer a mix of fine arts classes and workshops as well as the popular paint parties they call Tippsy Parties (or Arty Parties for kids).

“I was booking every single night and that was only leaving her one or two nights for a Tippsy party. So she was limited, I was limited, we were both frustrated. We needed more space,” Trimbach said of the scheduling conflicts between the two. “Now we can do both.”

The new studio provides a perfect complement to the Tipp City location, they said, with easier access and greater seating capacity. There’s even space in the new center for two parties at once, Trimbach added.

While the Troy location is more studio than gallery, it will still showcase local artists and bring them in for workshops. Some of the art currently on display is Staub’s copper enamel work, a technique the center hopes to teach in the near future.

“We like to feature the local area professional artists. We try to draw from the community rather than someone no one’s heard of,” Spoltman said.

Trimbach’s mother, artist Evelyn Staub opened Studio 14 Gallery in Tipp City in 2009, which has grown over the years to include classes and workshops, as well as paint parties.

Trimbach, who has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Dayton, said she’s worked in nearly every area of art before returning to fine arts at Studio 14

“I have been in every area of art my whole life. I started out as a fine artist, went into graphic design and production art, and now I’m circling back to fine art and teaching,” she said.

As an artist, Trimbach said that she wants to give back to future generations of artists.

“I’m trying to give that student who’s really interested in art the next step,” she said. Studio 14 will be offering portfolio classes to help young artists apply to art school and earn scholarships. “I just want to give back because people helped me.”

Trimbach said they are also continuing to add classes for young artists, including daily camps for kids over the summer.

Co-owner Spoltman wanted to pursue art right out of high school, but chose to go into nursing. Now at Studio 14, she’s returning to that first love.

“My guidance counselor said, ‘Go be a nurse because there’s no money in art.’ So I did. But as my kids have gotten older, I started dabbling in it again and that’s when I stumbled across Leslie and Evelyn,” Spoltman said. “It’s nice to have my hands back in it.”

Designer and instructor for the paint parties, Spoltman said there are parties for all ages, from the paint and sip events for adults, to parties aimed at teens and kids.

Spoltman makes custom designs for parties and always tries to create art that people will be proud to display after the party. The paintings are “do-able, but artwork quality,” she said.

“We want you to take it home and be happy,” she said.

Both locations offer paint parties and fine arts classes for all ages and skill levels taught by local professional artists. Classes and workshops include painting and watercolor, but also photography, copper enameling, jewelry-making, glass painting and more. They hope to add new and unique classes in the future, like lifecasting.

“I’ll hear people say, ‘Oh, that’s another sip and paint.’ And they don’t realize what’s inside and what we offer,” Spoltman said. “That’s what we do, but we have a whole bunch of other things to offer too.”

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Business to offer art classes, painting parties

By Cecilia Fox

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