Drug store legacy still remembered

For the Weekly Record Herald

TIPP CITY — Cairns Toys was not always a toy store. Most people around town remember is as Cramer’s Rexall Pharmacy. Or just Cramer’s.

Joe Cramer was the last person to have a drug store on the east side of the building where Harrison’s is now. He moved into a house on the north side of Main next to the Vocke Building on Third and Main. He started his new drug store in an addition to the front of the house. If you stand on the south side of Main and look across the street you can still see the second story of the house.

Joe was joined in the pharmacy by his son Hugh Cramer. After Joe’s death Hugh’s mother lived in the apartment above the store many years until her death.

Joe developed his own white headache remedy pills and his own recipe of vanilla flavoring, both of which were in high demand. They had a popular soda fountain, as did Smith’s Drug Store across the street. They sold the locally made Grandma Green Salve, which cured everything. They sold those yummy Horlich’s Malted Milk tablets.

Hugh hired pharmacist Fred Fisher, who eventually bought the business. The Cramer name was on the building as long as it was a drug store.

Several readers responded to the Skull and Crossbones Club picture. We still don’t know the purpose, if any, of the organization but all in the picture were identified. From left to right: Carl Moser, Sr.; Scheip; Priller; Horton; Dr. Kilpatrick; and Kyle. All familiar names from Tipp City’s past. Even though the picture was marked as being taken in 1908, the historical society is not positive that is actually the year it was taken.