Vote to renew bridge levy

To the Editor:

As a Bethel Township Trustee and current president of the Miami County Trustees Association, I am certainly aware of the need to keep the county’s highways and bridges in good repair. Miami County’s ability to keep pace with the demands that are placed on the road and bridge system, and the cost of maintaining these structures, amid the shrinking of other revenue sources, can be largely attributed to the Special Bridge Levy that will be on the ballot Nov. 3, 2015.

Since first being approved in 1951, the voters of this county have shown their support by renewing it every five years. The taxpayers have seen the benefits and enjoyed the use of the highway and bridge system in Miami County.

Maintenance of the county’s 3,038 bridges and culverts is an ongoing process. While much has been accomplished since the levy’s initial passage, a lot of work remains. The County Engineer has reported that there are 154 bridges that are 50 years old or older, and 16 are currently posted for load reductions.

I believe it makes good sense to invest out money locally. Please join me and the Miami County Township Trustees Association by voting “YES” on the special 0.45 mill county bridge levy.

— Jerome L. Hirt

President, Miami County Township Trustees Association