Board needs to come to common sense agreement

To the Editor:

It’s time to talk football stadium. After being very coy the last year, we now know that the school board wants to move the stadium to the high school. The current stadium is in bad repair and desperately needs re-vamping.

Since the city owns the stadium (just like Troy), why are they not willing to make improvements? The school board says that they will not spend the money on something that they do not own. Common sense tells us that we all own the stadium and we all own the schools. What is the problem? We could find out who owns what if an accident happens at the football field resulting in personal injury. Deep pocket attorneys would go after the city, but if I were a school board member, I would feel very uneasy.

I personally am voting only for school board aspirants who want to leave the football field in the City Park, but for goodness sake, can’t the city and the school board come to a common sense agreement?

— Gordon H. Honeyman

Tipp City

Editor’s Note: In August 2009, the City of Troy transferred ownership of the Troy Memorial Stadium to Troy City Schools. The transfer included provisions that the city may use the stadium for special events, such as the Troy Strawberry Festival.