Heatherly best candidate for school board

To the Editor:

“Some the blue and gold do cherish

Some the cream and crimson choose.

Ah but we would rather perish

Than the red and white should lose.”

I still remember the words! Most people have no recollection of their high school alma mater, but I do. I am a proud graduate from Tippecanoe High School, Class of 1986. I grew up in Tipp City; raised on Main Street, in the heart of this idyllic town. I am the youngest of eight kids, all of us going to Tipp City Schools. Each one of us, to this day, is proud to say we went to Tipp City Schools. The quality education, the proud community, the support of quality teachers all formed who we are today.

Joellen Heatherly grew up in Tipp City, she graduated from Tippecanoe High School and Joellen stayed in Tipp City. Her passion for the community and helping others is evident in her family life and her career in administrating services for the developmentally disabled. She knows the value of a good education and remembers the faith and trust her mother held as a respected educator. Joellen wants to restore that faith and trust in Tipp Schools.

The past several years, Tipp City Schools have been in limbo — teacher turnover, administrative issues and mistrust for the school board and information being shared. Joellen has the fortitude and experience to ask the right questions and implement solutions to benefit the health and well-being of the schools and students. As a member of the community, she has the citizens and their concerns in mind, also. As taxpayers, they deserve to know what is happening and Joellen understands this.

The Tipp City community needs board members who have the best interests of the students, the schools and the residents in mind. Joellen Heatherly is that candidate. Please vote for her on Nov. 7.

— Lynn Specht

THS Class of ‘86