President shouldn’t lecture on patriotism

To the Editor:

Donald Trump and Mike Pence show profound ignorance and hypocrisy when it comes to commenting on disrespecting the Flag and Anthem. In and of themselves they are not sacred; they are metaphors or symbols of our nation.

When the President engages in: compulsive lying, misinformation, public vulgarity, insulting and demeaning all sorts of people, bragging about assaulting women, and childish responses to every perceived affront, he is most certainly disrespecting the Office of President, the nation, and by analogy, the Flag and Anthem. As Trump’s apologist Pence is likewise guilty of the same disrespect.

Standing or pledging costs one nothing. There is no risk or sacrifice, and these acts do nothing to move our country forward in any meaningful way. Too often they appear to be mostly superficial displays of patriotism.

However, risking criticism, ridicule, and censorship, not to mention the possibility of bodily harm, by utilizing our hallowed First Amendment to call attention to injustice, seems to me, far more patriotic and beneficial in the long run.

Of all the people to lecture someone on the meaning of patriotism, this President ranks as one of the least qualified.

— Larry Brown

Tipp City