Schools encourage excellence

To the Editor:

Throughout my 13 years of education in Tipp City Schools, I observed the branding of the district’s motto everywhere from newsletters to the walls of the hallways I walked on a daily basis. “Where excellence is a tradition” is a lofty goal to pursue. To create and foster a tradition of excellence, longstanding commitment is required.

I witnessed this commitment and dedication perpetually being demonstrated by Tipp faculty and staff and instilled in students throughout the district’s classrooms, performance stages, and athletic venues. The positive effects of my Tipp City Schools education and the district’s dedication to excellence followed me throughout college, law school, and the first years of my legal career in Indianapolis. Not only did I receive an outstanding academic education in Tipp schools, I learned the necessity of teamwork and experienced formative leadership opportunities as a young person.

I continue to see the pursuit of excellence in the endeavors of my fellow Tipp City alumni across all trades, occupations, and aspects of community involvement. This commonality is no coincidence. It is the product of our time spent in a setting where lofty goals are pursued, and better yet, achieved.

On May 2, the community has the opportunity to again demonstrate its longstanding commitment to the Tipp City Schools’ motto. This renewal levy is for operating expenses only and no taxes from this levy will go toward new schools or a stadium. I encourage you to vote “yes” on May 2 and be a part of the tradition of excellence.


— Cora A. (Davidson) Steinmetz

Tippecanoe High School Class of 2006


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