Gun violence in Ohio staggering

To the Editor:

Gun violence incidents from Jan. 1 to Sept. 26 in Ohio are staggering.

Killed by gun violence: 406. Domestic violence 67 of them.

Injured by gun violence: 1,050. Domestic violence 40 of them.

Mass shootings, seven, with 14 killed and 24 injured (mass shooting defined as four or more people killed and/or injured, including the perpetrator.)

The figures for 2015 for the total year: 542 killed and 1,301 injured.

Since Congressional districts 8 and 10 includes and encompasses the Troy area, I have those figures.

District 8 — Warren Davidson, representative. Number of deaths: 17 so far this year, compared to 20 for 2015. Number of injuries: 38 compared to 40. Number of children (aged 0-17) injured: four.

District 10 — Michael Turner, representative. Number of deaths: 36 for 2016, compared to 33 in 2015. Number of injuries: 106, compared to 150. Number of children: four killed and two injured.

With the numbers above I find it amazing our representatives fail to address the issue of gun violence both locally and nationally. Ohio needs to act and keep guns out of domestic violence offenders and put some backbone in the federal law now on the books. Gun safety issues need to be addressed so many of our young will be safe from poorly stored weapons. Tightening up background checks and internet purchases so guns won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Gun violence is an epidemic in this country and we need to call our state and congressional representatives and tell them to move on these issues.

Visit and look at all these incidents.

— George Riegle, Troy