Grants help squad, community

To the Editor:

Within the last few months we have been awarded two large grants.

The first one was from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Comp. and was used for a new cot lift system. The new system is proven to reduce injuries not only to EMS staff but to our patients as well. This grant enabled us to purchase a power load system for both of our ambulances.

The second grant awarded just last week was from FEMA — Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. We requested two new heart monitors as our current monitors are 10+ years old and are showing signs of use and age. The heart monitors are one of the most important pieces of equipment we carry on our ambulances. The new Lifepak 15’s, which we will be getting in the next few weeks, are the “gold standard” in EMS and should not only make our jobs easier but more importantly provide our patients with the top quality EMS care they deserve.

These two grants plus a few smaller ones are in excess of $100,000, the most we have ever received in one calender year. I would like to thank our Captain Matt Purtee who has taken on the huge task of grant writing for the department. He is doing a fantastic job.

Matt is an Ohio State University graduate and is a full time EMT with our department. In addition to his responsibilities here he volunteers with West Milton Fire Department and is currently finishing his paramedics program at Sinclair. When you see Matt out and about in town remember to thank him for all he does for our community.

— Linda Cook, Chief

Union Township Life Squad