Be respectful of political signs

To the Editor:

Please do not tamper with campaign yard signs. As one who has volunteered his services to go into neighborhoods and towns supporting Paul Reece for sheriff, I have approached property owners asking if they would kindly allow me to place a yard sign on their property. I have had good success in doing so.

Those of us that give our time to our candidate are doing so with the blessings and guidance of the campaigns we represent. I realize that campaign signs are abundant and some may say intrusive, but I also believe they are necessary for the candidates and the election process.

In the past several days I have gone back to the areas I personally placed yard signs, only to notice they are no longer there. Often though, other candidates’ signs still remain. Tampering with campaign political signs by individuals or campaigns not of their own is an illegal act and punishable by law. If it becomes apparent that a sign is misplaced on personal property where the owner has not granted permission, we request that you please contact the candidate’s campaign committee chairperson. I am confident that the Reece campaign will immediately correct the problem.

Accidents do happen, but sometimes surrogates of campaigns can become zealous in their efforts and abuse the system, at times handling property signs that don’t support their own candidate. This action can be detrimental to the candidate they have chosen to support, perhaps speaking volumes of the honesty, transparency, and integrity of those campaigns and candidates. When it comes to other candidate’s signs, I personally have tried to be very careful in placing signs so as not to infringe upon their rights, I am just asking that they please don’t aid and abet in denying me mine.

As the national campaigns become more uniquely circus like, I would certainly hope that the local campaigns can rise above the fray and set an example to our citizens.

— Thomas Daniszewski

Tipp City