Why an outsider?

To the Editor:

There is a general belief that if you’re looking for experience and skill sets, you’re wise to look for an “insider” to meet your expectations. After all, an insider already knows “the ropes” as well as how everything works. They are accepted as someone familiar with the procedures and traditions in the organization as well as a person that can be counted on to follow directions. Sounds good, right?

This year there appears to be a strong sentiment in politics, by the voter, to prefer an outsider, even though they may not have an insider resume. Why? Because they feel that their representatives have reneged on their promise to do what they promised they would do. When asked why, they may have been told “it was for the greater good.” Because of this seemingly widespread unaccountability, the voter becomes disenfranchised or more likely, angry. How did my elected official, in the privacy of government meetings, change their stance on issues that were nonnegotiable when they were campaigning? Is that what it means to be part of the political class? Oh my, is that what identifies an “insider?”

I am a person that has followed politics for many years. That’s probably because I minored in political science in college. I also am a businessman, with years of experience working both for others as well as having my own companies. It was because of the fact I was looking for someone to join in a business venture that I met Warren Davidson. He was smart and driven, with an already successful tract record. Everything I was looking for. But those attributes were not what convinced me I should team up with Warren. It was his unwavering commitment to his vision, his family and his God. I knew then what I know now. Warren is the real deal! His convictions have served him well in business as it will in Congress. He is a fiscal and social conservative who strongly believes that we need to return to the fundamental principles upon which this great country was built. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him in action in the business world and am enthusiastically endorsing him for Congress. An “outsider” with the vision, courage, strategy and resume to return this country to the greatness we all yearn for.

Join me in supporting Warren Davidson for our representative to Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.

— Larry Beres

Tipp City