Levy provides returns for whole community

To the Editor:

The Troy Daily News recently published an article by Cecilia Fox about the importance of the upcoming Tipp City Schools continuous renewal tax levy. In the article Dr. Kumpf, superintendent of Tipp City Schools, expressed the importance of the levy and its long-term impact on improvement projects, school buses and technology equipment. All of these components are critical to our schools. The money the levy generates may be used for capital improvement projects. This levy has been in place continuously since 1968.

What are the effects in our community where an improvement levy has been renewed for 50 years? The tax dollars spent on our K-12 education have provided enormous returns for Tipp City taxpayers. Our students have benefited from the opportunities our well-funded school system has provided. Graduates of Tipp City excel in colleges and universities, trade programs, and in the work force. They are well prepared for whatever future they choose. By investing our tax dollars in our schools, we maintain high property values and produce strong individuals that in turn keep our community strong.

As a retired Tipp City teacher, I want to thank you for the years of support you have given our schools and encourage you to vote YES.

— Linda Ares

Tipp City