Levy renewal critical for Tipp schools

To the Editor:

As a parent of three Tipp City school district graduates and as a college educator, I am writing in support of Issue 3, the Permanent Improvement levy on the upcoming ballot.

Three of my children went through the Tipp City school system. They had teachers who were constantly striving to develop ways to improve learning in every academic area. Their opportunities and experiences, by dedicated teachers were exceptional.

My oldest son instead experienced school districts in Washington, Iowa and North Carolina while he was growing up. In comparison, Tipp City Schools ranks above them all. Until you have experienced something other than Tipp City Schools it is difficult to appreciate the quality educational experience that many who live here take for granted.

I do not simply see the quality of the Tipp City educational system in my own children. As a faculty member at Sinclair College, I have had many excellent students from across the Miami Valley in my classes; however, Tipp City students consistently rank near the top. It is refreshing to see Tipp students generally produce writing that is coherent and cohesive in comparison to some of what I see. They also produce answers to questions that require critical thinking skills beyond a basic level.

The renewal of this levy is critical to enable the district to continue to provide the infrastructure necessary to allow our children to grow intellectually and socially in safe, updated buildings and classrooms with technology that will propel them forward in this increasingly technical world.

I encourage Tipp City residents: DO NOT take the quality of our local district for granted. The education that makes students productive society members does not happen without significant investment. It requires personal and financial investment from a community that recognizes the value of that investment for our students and for our community as a whole.


— Beth Hallauer

Tipp City