Writer supports Tipp’s school levy

To the Editor:

I am writing a letter to encourage all Tipp City residents to vote for the upcoming permanent improvement renewal levy on Nov. 6.

Our family is new to Tipp City Schools, relocating from a nearby community in May. One of the primary reasons for our move was to enable our two sons to attend school in this district. We’ve had great experiences working with the staff members of both Nevin Coppock and Broadway to date, and I anticipate this will be a fantastic year for our family. I appreciate the offerings provided by each school, the level of communication we have received thus far, the level of parent engagement, and the commitment to making our boys’ transition an easy one.

This levy, a continuing renewal, will ensure our children have adequate facilities in which to learn, safe buses on which to ride, and needed tech resources for their classroom instruction. As a homeowner, I was pleased to learn this levy will mean zero new taxes. The funds will not be used to assist Tipp Pride Association, a great independent fundraising group, with stadium renovations. This renewal will simply enable the district to assume ongoing support from its citizens instead of returning to the ballot every few years to secure the same funds. This seems to be a safe assumption because Tipp City’s residents have supported the levy for more than 50 years, a credit to the kind of community I’m proud to join.

Vote yes on Nov. 6, and be proud of the incredible traditions you have created in Tipp City. This community truly is the envy of our region, and I am thankful to see so many caring citizens working to ensure it stays that way.

— Nicolette Winner

Tipp City