President Trump is poor role model

To the Editor:

As a teacher for 25 years, I realize how important good role models are for children. They look to others for cues — not only peers but authoritative adults. They want to know if our character is comprised of honest, fair-minded, consistent, firm but compassionate actions. Young people also appreciate a willingness to apologize and to admit failures — two components of humility.

Sadly, the one at the highest level in our nation is serving as one of the poorest role models a child could have. Our children are being cheated and deserve better. Adults who chose Donald Trump as president cannot plead ignorance as to his character. We all witnessed his behavior in the Republican primary and again in his presidential campaign.

Ideally, children would be able to look up to the president as someone honorable. Humans, of course, experience occasional lapses in judgement, but when these lapses become incorporated into a public lifestyle of dishonesty, childish insults, vulgarity, arrogance, lack of grace and compassion — no conscientious parent wants a child to emulate that.

Corroborating this point is the fact that not one of my Republican friends has ever provided an answer to the question: what aspect of Trump’s character would you like your child to adopt?

One has only to observe the chaos and intrigue in this administration to see how absolutely necessary character is. We discount its importance at our own peril.

— Larry Brown

Tipp City