Lost and found in the Curtis house

The Curtis household has been beset lately with issues involving losing things. It started a couple of weeks ago when our son returned from a vacation in Florida.

He and his friend had a very early flight home and consequently were rushed in the morning. They threw clothing and other personal items into suitcases willy-nilly to get to the airport on time. So when they got home, Kent could not find his car keys. He had to have his friend drive him to his house, pick up his spare set, and drive back to the airport to get his car.

A week or so later, when he finally got around to cleaning out his suitcase, he found them, thank goodness. He didn’t say, but I suspect the keys were actually tossed into his friend’s suitcase. Either way, I was relieved he didn’t have to replace that car key.

That very week, I misplaced my reading glasses. Now, these aren’t the normal readers you can pick up in any store, naturally. These are expensive prescription glasses because they correct both eyes in different ways. Without them, I can see distance perfectly, but nothing close up. With them, I can see close up and far away. My right eye sees badly either way (not to worry, I’m having a cataract removed this fall and all will be well. That will also mean I’ll have to get new prescription reading glasses, but that’s another story).

Anyway, I can’t find these glasses, which means I can’t work on the computer, read, cook, or do anything else close up. It also means I have to try to spot them from ten feet away. So there I am, going around the house, feeling counters, searching under books, and peering in all the usual places. I enlisted Matt to help me, since he can see, but he couldn’t find them, either.

Finally, in desperation, I looked in my purse in the glasses case — and there they were! Imagine the silliness of actually putting my glasses in the case which was designed to hold them! What a novel idea. It cost me about two hours of time, though, since typically I lay them down on the counter or table.

Then a couple evenings later, we arrived home late from an evening out and let our dear pooch out for his nightly business. When he returned, he didn’t have his collar. It was late and dark, so we decided to look for it in daylight.

In the morning, he went out and when he returned, his head smelled suspiciously like tomatoes. We took him out back to the tomato patch, and he looked quite sheepish as we all stared at the red dog collar smack dab in the middle of my tomatoes!

The good news is that all the lost items were found, without cost for replacements. Notice that Matt hasn’t lost anything, (except a few unwanted pounds). Meanwhile, pounds are the only thing I can seem to find without trying!

Email me at suecurtis9@gmail.com.

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By Sue Curtis

Sue is a retired public servant who volunteers at the Hospice store (For All Seasons) in Troy and teaches part-time at Urbana University. She keeps busy taking care of husband, house, and pets. She and her husband have an adult son who lives in Troy.