A little wine goes a long way

By Sue Curtis

On one of my favorite sitcoms, Everybody Loves Raymond, there’s an episode in which one of the characters is enjoying a glass of wine, sitting on the couch with his wife. He turns to her and says, “I was going to work out after dinner, but wine makes you happy with your body the way it is.”

I always laugh at that scene, but it occurs to me that wine has a way of making a lot of problems seem inconsequential. Now, I’m not talking about big, real problems. Those would take too much wine which could possibly lead to an addiction and nobody needs that! But if you are having a day when some little thing goes wrong, sometimes a single glass of wine makes it seem not so bad.

For example, the other day I had a problem with my bank.

My little issue with the bank centered around my credit card rewards. When I use the card, I get points and when I get enough points, I can redeem them for a reward. If I redeem enough points at one time, they send me a $25.00 debit card as an extra gift.

Nice, right? I redeemed enough to get this debit card and at first was quite pleased with my credit card company. I used the card one evening and spent $20.33. By my calculations, I figured I had $4.67 remaining. But the balance on the receipt said I only had $0.61.

I called the number on the debit card and listened patiently to the mechanical voice asking me to press numbers on my key pad. Turns out, if I want to talk to a live person about a balance dispute, I will be charged $1.25 on the reward card to do so. Which they don’t think I have. So I guess my reward was actually $20.33.

The glass of wine I consumed made me think that was okay.

The following night I had another minor problem. When we retired for bed, my husband fell deeply asleep while I was reading. I thought the fan was causing extra-large shadows on the wall. But when I lowered the book, I realized a very large bat was swooping gently around our bedroom.

I screamed. My husband rolled over and mumbled, “it’ll be okay.” When I didn’t stop screaming, he got up and assisted the bat out of the house. I supervised this activity from my spot in the locked bathroom.

The next evening I was understandably a little nervous about going upstairs to bed. I couldn’t shake that bat image out of my mind, but the glass of wine did help and I slept just fine.

Please understand that I am not recommending alcohol as an escape from life. But sometimes a glass of wine does make you happy with your body the way it is, the bank the way it is, and the bat the way he is. As long as the bat is outside.

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By Sue Curtis