Prosecutor supports Duchak for Sheriff

To the Editor:

I’m very grateful to the citizens of Miami County for re-electing me to office as your Miami County Prosecutor in the primary election. As you know, I stand unopposed in the general election. I’m asking for your support for Chief Deputy Dave Duchak who was elected as the Republican nominee for Sheriff. I’ve worked closely with Dave Duchak for numerous years when he served as a detective and while he was promoted through the ranks by Sheriff Cox. I’ve found him to be a man of honor, character and integrity and one who possesses the experience and expertise that is necessary to serve this community as its Sheriff. Dave Duchak demonstrated his leadership abilities by greatly aiding Sheriff Cox during his recent health challenges. I’m endorsing Dave Duchak because I feel that, without a doubt, he is the best candidate for Miami County Sheriff. Please join me in casting your vote for him on November 8th.


Anthony E. Kendell