Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

Sept. 26

McDonald’s, 1560 W. Main St., Troy — Critical violation: observed food that was not properly protected from contamination by separation, packaging, and segregation. Observed raw bacon being cold held above ready-to-eat foods such as sandwiches and pancakes. Corrected during inspection. In-use utensils are improperly stored. Observed ice scoop and handle stored within ice machine in contact with ice. Observed improper storage of food items. Observed buns stored right next to hand washing sink near back of kitchen prep area, where water was dripping onto sealed packages. TCS foods were not being held at the proper temperature. Corrected during inspection. Cold holding equipment next to hot holding unit did not contain a thermometer. Equipment components are not intact, tight, or properly adjusted. Observed gaskets in upright coolers to be falling apart, allowing food residual to collect within the gaskets. Critical violation: equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are dirty. Observed mold build-up within ice machine above ice and where water is being filtered. Non-food contact surfaces of equipment are dirty. Observed residual build-up on mechanical dishwasher where knobs and handles were located. Observed accumulation of soil residue on non-food contact surfaces. Cleaned equipment and utensils, laundered linens, or single-service and single-use articles are not properly stored. Critical violation: hand washing sink was not easily accessible. Observed no towels or hand drying device at the hand washing sink. Tile floor needs to be regrouted. Observed drain near soda syrup in the back of the storage area was covered and was observed to have residual and grime in are around drain, as well as standing water. Critical violation: observed the presence of live gnats around the soda syrup in the back of storage area near drain.

Sept. 27

McDonald’s, 127 S. Garber Dr., Tipp City — Observed open employee drink being stored in walk-in cooler over clean items. Observed no thermometer in reach in McCafe cooler. Observed condensation issue in McCafe cooler. Observed condensation issue in walk-in freezer, water was dripping onto floor. Observed food residual build-up on cooking/food prep equipment. Observed prep sink that had residual coffee/tea stains. Observed no hand washing signage in the bathroom. Observed missing grout on the tile floors throughout the kitchen.

Tokyo Peking, 3 N. Market St., Troy — Critical violation: observed food in contact with an unclean knife sharpener on prep table. Observed measuring cups being improperly stored in flour with handles touching the food product. Observed linen towel kept on top of broccoli in cooler. Linens are being inappropriately used on contact with food.Observed wet wiping cloths being kept out of sanitizer. Observed food being thawed in three-compartment sink fully submerged in water without an air gap. Corrected during inspection. Observed improper method for cooling TCS foods, noodles were covered in ther walk-in cooler during the cooling process. Corrected during inspection. Critical violation: observed TCS foods not being held at the proper temperature. Observed re-use of single-use containers. Observed water heater in basement leaking.

Sept. 28

Tom’s Pizza, 690 S. Miami St., West Milton — Critical violation: person in charge did not ensure that ensure of that employees are informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report information about their health. Person in charge did not ensure that the facility has written procedures for employees to follow when responding to vomiting or diarrheal events. Observed gaskets on the freezer that need to be replaced. Observed residual build-up on the handles of freezer and coolers in prep area. Observed no paper towels or signage at the hand washing sink in the bathroom. Observed damaged ceiling tiles throughout the facility.

Sept. 29

End Zone Sports Lounge, 601 E. Broadway St., Covington — Non-food contact surfaces are dirty. Gaskets on four-drawer cooler, under grill, and doors/handles of reach-in freezers beside the grill line. Observed a build-up of grease on the floor beside the grill line. Overall facility was clean.

Village Pizza & Drive Thru, 302 S. Miami St., Bradford — Critical violation: observed food that was not properly protected from contamination by separation, packaging, or segregation. Corrected during inspection. Miscellaneous sources of contamination observed. Multiple foods in direct contact with plastic containers in reach in freezer. All containers used to store food must be labeled as food safe. Critical violation: TCS foods were not being held at the proper temperature. Taco meat and other items in sandwich prep unit holding at 48F. Critical violation: refrigerated, ready to eat, TCS foods held refrigerated for more than 24 hours were not properly date-marked. Critical violation: unsafe food was not discarded or properly reconditioned. Corrected during inspection. Non-food contact surfaces are not designed and constructed to allow easy cleaning or maintenance. Counters in the sink area were chipping. The caulk was pulling away from the wall. The counters must be replaced with a surface that is corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, and smooth. Cold holding equipment did not contain a thermometer. Freezer and refrigeration units have missing panels, the motors are exposed. Observed a build-up of dirt and debris next to flat-top grill on counters. Critical violation: observed improper storage of poisonous or toxic materials offered for retail sale. Neti pot material, toothbrush, toothpaste, medicines stored above three-compartment sink area and pizza prep area.