Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

Sept. 7

Miami East K-8 School, 4025 N. St. Rt. 589, Casstown — Discussed changes to the food code with new manager. Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Opportunity School, 1100 Wayne St., Suite 1400, Troy — Food area fine at time of inspection.

Social Communication Unit, 1400 Wayne St., Troy — Food facility was good at the time of inspection.

Waffle House, 1290 Archer Dr., Troy — Critical violation: observed ground sausage being stored over steak, food was not properly protected from contamination by separation, packaging, and segregation. Observed improper storage of onions in dry stock area. Critical violation: observed walk-in coo er temperature controlled for safety foods not maintaining proper temperature of 41F or below. TCS foods were not being held at the proper temperature. Observed two door cooler located underneath of prep cooler with condensation issue. Equipment and/or components are not maintained in good working order. Critical violation: observed vegetable dicer with food residual. Observed interior of ice machine with black residual build-up. Observed residual and build-up along the side of the door in the walk-in cooler area and on door handles. Observed rusty shelving in prep coolers in the front of house. Observed gaskets in pie refrigerator that have a build-up of residual. Observed dish washing machine was unclean on the outside, difficult to read temperature gauges. Observed rusty shelving in walk-in cooler. Observed a build-up of dirt and debris in the corners of floors within the dry stock area. Observed a build-up of food residual and debris within the grout on the floor throughout the kitchen area.

Sept. 8

Covington New PK-8 School, 807 Chestnut St., Covington — Observed drinks in a non-designated area. Critical violation: observed sour cream packets that were left out and were not being held at the proper temperature. Critical violation: observed dented cans in dry stock.

Indians Pizza, 212 N. Main St., Pleasant Hill —Critical violation: observed food that was not properly protected from contamination by separation, packaging, and segregation. Sheet pan of raw hamburger uncovered in walk-in cooler. Critical violation: TCS foods were not being held at the proper temperature. Sliced tomatoes and other items holding at 57 degrees in a True sandwich prep unit. Unit was not adequately holding at the proper temperature. Corrected during inspection. Equipment and/or components are not maintained in good working order. True sandwich prep refrigeration unit unable to hold temperature. Top of Continental Sandwich prep unit unable to hold temperature. Ice is being used on the Continental sandwich unit. Non-food contact surfaces of equipment are dirty. Dust on the vent of the ice cream holding machine. Dust on the fan covers and ceiling of the walk-in cooler. Soiled linens were not kept in approved location. Soiled wiping cloths hanging on rack above three compartment sink to dry prior to placing them in a bucket for transport to laundry. The physical facilities are not being maintained in good repair. Large crack in floor under clean dish shelf in back of kitchen. Was told quote has been received for replacing this area of flooring. Observed a build-up of dirt and debris inside light shields in kitchen area. Food debris on floor behind mixer and in corner by soda box storage area.

Milton Union Exempted Village Schools, 7610 Milton-Potsdam Rd., West Milton — Observed employee eating, drinking, or using tobacco in non-designated area. Corrected during inspection. Observed an opened drink container on shelf above food prep area. Observed the facility using or serving raw fruit and or vegetables without properly washing them. Manager stated that they didn’t wash apples before sold at lunch. .

Sept. 9

Staunton Country Store, 17 S. St. Rt., Troy — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Sept. 10

Duke Park Concession Stand, 1670 Troy Sidney Rd., Troy — Observed residential refrigeration within the facility. Equipment is not approved by a recognized testing agency. Critical violation: observed pest droppings in back storage area on one corner shelf.

Milton Union Recreation Association 2, 7640 Milton-Potsdam Rd., West Milton — Critical violation: person in charge did not ensure their employees are properly trained in food safety. Observed three compartment sink not being used, wash, rinse, and sanitize. Food-contact surfaces and utensils were not sanitized using an approved combination of exposure time, chemical concentration, temperature, and/or pH. Observed a build-up of residual, the whole facility needs to be cleaned.

Restaurant inspections performed by the Piqua Health Department

Sept. 13

Tasty Treat, 129 College St. Satisfactory at time of inspection.