Restaurant inspections

From Miami County Health Department:

Aug. 22

True North Shell, 1298 S. Dorset Road, Troy. Violations/comments: Corrected during inspection, Refrigerated, ready to eat TCS foods held refrigerated more than 24 hours were not properly date marked. The paper wrapped breakfast sandwiches and burritos were being given 14 days instead of seven days. Food equipment surfaces are not cleaned at the required frequency. Worker stated that tongs for the roller grill were only being cleaned at the end of the night. Utensils sitting at room temperature must be washed, rinsed and sanitized every four hours.

Aug. 24

Brookdale Troy, 81 S. Stanfield Road, Troy. Violations/comments: Observed wet wiping rag on food-contact surface. Unsafe food was not discarded or properly reconditioned. Observed dented cans that could allow for bacteria growth. Non-food contact surfaces of equipment are dirty. Observed oil and grease build up on stove surface. Observed no hand washing sign(s) posted at hand washing sink(s) used by employees. Observed water line above three-compartment sink to be leaking water. Observed mold inside ice machine. Observed a build up of dirt and debris on kitchen floor. Observed plumbing fixtures that were not being kept clean and maintained. Trap was not clean and water was observed to be pooling behind it right beside the ice bin under sink.

Claire Bridge of Troy, 81 S. Stanfield Road, Troy. Violations/comments: The microwave does not meet the required safety standards. Observed missing ceiling plastic guard inside of the top of microwave. Observed a hand-washing sink without water at the required temperature. Observed a build up of dirt and debris on the kitchen floor.

Rudy’s Dairy Bar, 1125 S. Miami St., West Milton. Violations/comments: Refrigerated, ready to eat, TCS foods held refrigerated more than 24 hours were not properly date marked. Observed grills chicken, shredded chicken and BBQ beef without date marking. Food equipment surfaces are not cleaned at the required frequency. A new soft serve ice cream machine was purchased for use. Owner states it is cleaned once a week per manufacturing instructions. Discussed with owner that it must be broken down and cleaned every 24 hours.

Village Sunoco, 211 S. Main St., Pleasant Hill. Violations/comments: Corrected during inspection, Refrigerated ready to eat TCS foods held refrigerated for more than 24 hours were not properly date marked. Observed no date marking on opened packages of roast beef, bologna or ham. A label on food packaged in the RFE or FSO did not contain all required information. The egg salad sandwiches were missing most of information needed on label. Observed mops being dried using an unapproved method.

Aug. 25

Cavens Meats Inc., 7850 U.S. 36, Conover. Violations/comments: Observed display cooler with rust on the outside painted surfaces. Equipment and/or components are not maintained. Meat display cooler handle surfaces have residual build up.

Cedar Springs Pavilion, 7931 County Road 25A, Tipp City. Violations/comments: Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Aug. 26

Fox’s Pizza Den, 19 N. Miami St., West Milton. Violations/comments: Observed pop stored near an opened wall with sewer lines. Remove all food from area. Repair wall. The physical facilities are not being maintained in good repair. A wall opened for repair by the bathrooms hasn’t been filled and repaired. A towel dispenser needs to be installed at hand sink.

Mojo’s Bar and Grill, 109 E. Main St., Troy. Violations/comments: Observed employee drinks in non-designated area. Observed improper use and/or maintenance of wiping cloths. Wet cloths found to be lying on food surfaces. Observed food stored in an unapproved location. Cheese found to be stored in cooler meant for alcohol. Equipment is not approved by a recognized testing agency. Observed the use of a residential freezer. The surfaces of cutting blocks or boards were severely scratched or scored and could not be effectively cleaned and sanitized. Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. Observed food debris and grime behind meat slicer. Observed accumulation of food residue on nonfood-contact surfaces. Grime buildup in gaskets on freezer door and door handles. Hand washing sink is being used for purposes other than hand washing. Observed strainers and straws in hand washing sink behind bar area. No supply of hand-cleaning liquid, power or bar soap at the hand washing sink(s). Walls in back area former kitchen needs to be cleaned and repaired. Surface covering in wall in alcohol cooler needs to be redone and repaired. Observed a build up of debris behind fryer in main kitchen and ice machine behind bar area. Observed personal care items that were not stored in a designated employee storage area. Found phone charger cord on top of cutting board.