Real estate transactions


Shirley Fraley, Stanley Fraley, Shirley Hamm to Bryan Bondurant, one lot, $54,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Nina Durham, one lot, $305,700.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Jessica Craft, Willie Craft Jr., one lot, $340,000.

Carol Shoemaker to Jesse Casey, one lot, $55,900

Sharon Techlenburg to Cynthia Cathcart, one lot, $123,900.

Christopher Bell, Leah Bell to Thomas Royce, one lot, $99,900.

Fifth Third Bank to Ashlin Stoltz, three lots, $31,000.

Ann Waters, to Michael Lyons, Pamela Lyons, one lot, $265,000.

Keystone Land Development Inc. to Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, $20,000.

G. Joanne Green, Paul Green to Brookfield Relocation, one lot, $223,500.

Brookefield Relocation Inc. to Deanna Allen, one lot, $223,500.

Daniel Bowers, successor trustee, Gail Bowers, successor trustee, Bowers Family Trust to Molly Venneman, one lot, $124,000.

Leto Holdings LLC to Dayton Residential Properties LLC, one lot, $1,350,000.

Rebecca Davis, Scott Davis to Angela Swearingen, two lots, $22,000.


Shertel Company to J&M Investments of NW Ohio, seven lots, $1,650,400.

Andrew Epperson, Ladonna Epperson to Eric Lange, Jennifer Lange, one lot, $74,000.

Laura Sowers to Brian Sowers, one lot, $0.

Dennis Buncschuh, Kathryn Bundschuh to Chase Underwood, Jessie Underwood, one lot, $148,000.

Goldie Cantrell, Ray Cantrell, Phyllis Snapp, attorney in fact to Anthony Farkas, one lot, $68,000.

Amy Harris, Daniel Harris to Garden Real Estate LLC, one lot, $233,000.

CR Homes LLC, RDS Group LLC, attorney in fact to Castle CFD Group, one lot, $0.

Cleta Tennery Trust, Donald DeMoss Trust, Donald DeMoss, trustee, Cleta Tennery, trustee to Dorothy miller, Michael Miller, one lot, $35,000.

Anna Barnes, Donald Barnes to David Baker, Karen Baker, one lot, $127,000.

Christopher Mills to Barbara Webster, Donald Webster, one lot, $44,000.

Judith Garrett to Tracy Smith, trustee , five lots, $0.

Judith Garrett Revocable Living Trust, Tracy Smith, trustee to Judith Garrett, eight lots, $0.


Norma Fields to Elaina Royse, Jason Royse, one lot, $232,500.

Amron Trust, Norma Fields, trustee to Norma Fields, one lot, $

Fred Greil, Valerie Greil Schenk to Jason Krimm, one lot, $0.

David Collins, Kimberly Collins to Myra Gerardi, Megan Stillwell, one lot, $360,000.


No Limit Sales LLC to Daniel Mullins, Elizabeth Mullins, one lot, $218,000.

Karen Armentrout, trustee, Roth Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Karen Armentrout, one lot, $0.

Jeffrey Armentrout, Karen Armentrout to Samuel Roth, one lot, $0.


Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, M & T Bank, attorney in fact, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.


Pamela Stepp Revocable Living Trust Agreement, Pamela Stepp, trustee, Paul Stepp Revocable Living Trust agreement, Paul Stepp, trustee to Cheryl Brown, trustee, Pamela Stepp Revocable Living Trust Agreement, Paul Stepp Revocable Living Trust agreement,$0.


NVR Inc. to Aaron Zimmerman, Ashley Zimmerman, two lots, $252,200.

Kathryn Seegert, William Seegert to Kathryn Seegert, co-trustee, to William and Kathryn Seegert Family Trust, two lots, $0.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $38,200.


Estate of Richard Kessler, Rex Kessler, executor, to Nancy Ockerman, Ronald Ockerman, $171,600.

Phyllis Hanson to Marilyn Storck, Richard Storck, $33,000.

Estate of Donald Black to Sylvia Black, $0.

Cari Milliman, Daryl Milliman to Holly May, Jason May, one lot, $145,000.


Janet Wiford, Janet Zirkle to Jeri Scherer, Richard Scherer, one lot, $24,000.


Sallee Gould, Todd Gould to Joanne Rosenberg, William Rosenberg, one lot, $467,300.

Kathy Cecil, Robert Cecil, David Rhoades, Vicki Rhoades, Diane Trissell, Randolph Trissell to Edward Rhoades, 5.0167 acre, $0.

Diane Trissell, attorney in fact, Edward Rhoades to Carrie Larck, Justin Larck, 5.0167 acres, $55,600.


John Blackburn, Molly Jones, attorney in fact to Keith Kniesly, one lot, $15,200.


Frances Gibson, Pamela Gibson to Haley Brown, one lot, $170,000.


3 Gen D LLC to 3 Gen D LLC, 16.838 acres, $0.

3 Gen D LLC to 3 Gen D LLC, 10.006 acres, $0.

3 Gen D LLC to 3 Gen D LLC, 10.691 acres, $0.

3 Gen D LLC to 3 Gen D LLC, 10.051 acres, $0.

3 Gen D LLC to 3 Gen D LLC, 34.468 acres, $0.

3 Gen D LLC to 3 Gen D LLC, 10.469 acres, $0.

3 Gen D LLC to 3 Gen D LLC, 10.231 acres, $0.

3 Gen D LLC to 3 Gen D LLC, 10.226 acres, $0.

Amy Brittingham, Jonathan Brittingham to Amie Hollinger, Peter Hollinger, 2.482 acres, $85,000.


Thomas Guillozet, trustee, Harold Zimmerman Trust Agreement to Jamin Burns, Jesse Burns, Joshua Burns, Kristena Burns, Lisa Burns, $500,000.


Alicia Hare, Matthew Hare to Brian Green, Jessica Green, one lot, $144,900.

Julie Deaton, Julie Keener, Rick Keener to Mike Jackson, one lot, $127,000.

John Wiles Jr. to Andrew Holthaus, 0.717 acres, $145,000.


Robert Barnette, Mary Jane Harrod to Robert Barnette, Mary Jane Harrod, $0.

Faye Hardesty Revocable Living Trust, Faye Hadesty, trustee, to Mark Bartel, trustee, Faye Hardesty Revocable Living Trust, Faye Hadesty, trustee, $0.