Police reports

May 26

TRESPASSING: Owner of Hot Tipp Car Wash has video of a female going through the vacuum’s taking money and leaving all the trash everywhere.

May 27

SUSPECTED DRUG USE: At approximately 1:13 a.m., an officer witnessed a vehicle enter City Park and turn its lights off. Shortly after the vehicle parked, the officer followed and made contact with the two occupants. They advised they were coming to the park to smoke cigarettes and gave permission to search the vehicle. The officer located several small baggies, jars, and containers containing marijuana residue. In addition to many rolling papers and a scale. The officer confiscated the scale, which also contained marijuana residue, and released both parties from the scene.

May 29

DRUG POSSESSION: While patrolling I-75 northbound between exit 68 and 69, an officer observed a Chevy Monte Carlo bwith a very loud exhaust and initiated a traffic stop. The officer made contact with the driver, William King, and detected an odor of marijuana in the vehicle. King was searched then detained in the rear of the patrol car. King stated there was a pill bottle of marijuana in the car. He was found to be suspended for a non-compliance suspension. A search of the vehicle located in the center console a pill bottle with 2.1 grams of marijuana and a pack of job rolling papers. King was issued citations for driving under suspension, faulty muffler, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

June 4

DRUG POSSESSION: After stopping a speeding vehicle on Kessler-Cowlesville, the officer involved noted a distinct odor of marijuana emitting from the car. The officer asked driver Trenton Ladd if there was any weed in the vehicle and he stated, “No.” After a quick pat down search of the driver, the officer searched the vehicle. According to the report, Ladd came up to the passenger side window, reached into the console and pulled out a small baggie of marijuana and stated his friends left it in his vehicle. The officer located a larger bag of marijuana in the rear pouch of the passengers front seat. No other items were located during the search.Ladd was charged with one count of possession of marijuana. The marijuana was transported to the Tipp City Police Department and placed into evidence.