Police reports

May 13

THEFT: Officers were dispatched to a theft in progress from Menard’s. Dispatch advised that the suspect, a white male, had fled the scene and ran towards businesses on Weller Drive. An officer arrived on scene and located a white male running southbound on Weller Drive. Employees from Menard’s, who were chasing him, advised he was the suspect.

The male, later identified as Ryan Barko, was detained and officers confiscated a red bag full of items. Barko admitted that he’d stolen several items for survival and claimed it was a stupid decision. He stated that he was transported to Menards with a female who he didn’t really know. While searching him, officers located a small baggie of marijuana in his front right pants pocket.

Menard’s employees later located Barko’s female accomplice, Heather Fent, who was found to have a warrant for her arrest out of Montgomery County. Fent was placed under arrest and she admitted to having drug abuse instruments in her purse. After searching her belongings, officers located two used hypodermic needles.

Barko was charged with theft and possession of marijuana. He was transported and incarcerated at Miami County Jail, Fent was released to Kettering Police Department on her warrant and cited with possession of drug abuse instruments.

DUS: Officers on call for an OVI observed a black charger pull into the police department. The driver, Dymond Wallace, got out and stated he was here to pick up the male suspect from the OVI call. Throughout the course of talking with him, it was discovered that he was under multiple driving suspensions.

While speaking with Dymond, the officer could smell a strong odor of raw marijuana emitting from his vehicle. At first he denied having any, but later admitted to having a baggie and pulled it out from his sock. At this point, another officer patted him down and asked if there was anything else in the vehicle that police should be aware of. A bottle of liquor was found under the passenger seat.

Dymond was placed in the back of a cruiser and instructed to call for two valid drivers to come and pick up himself and the vehicle he was driving as well as the OVI suspect from the other call. Dymond was cited for driving under suspension, possession of marijuana and open container. Two valid drivers arrived to remove both males and the vehicle.

May 12

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to the 200 block of North Third Street in reference to a theft complaint. Upon arrival, the officer spoke to a resident. She stated that on Wednesday she noticed the back chain link fence gate was open. She said she asked her husband in he forgot to shut it and he said no. She reported that, on the morning of May 12, she was outside doing some gardening when she noticed the metal lawn ornament was missing. She said it was worth about $100. The ornament is described as having a base, with two globes entwined and a arrow going through it. The tip of the arrow was missing.

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to the 200 North Third Street in reference to a theft. Another resident said she has a Stihl chain saw sitting outside by her garage and it’s now missing. The officer told her that he was there about 10 minutes prior on a theft at that location also.

DISORDERLY: On Saturday, two officers responded to a disorderly conduct complaint on Main Street near the CSX railroad crossing. The reporting person said there was a white male in a blue cut-off t-shirt staggering all over the sidewalk.

Officers found the man sitting on the front stoop of a business, wearing a blue cut-off t-shirt. Officers noted the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on or about his person. Additionally, his speech was slurred and he admitted to drinking alcohol earlier.

He was transported back to his residence with a warning for disorderly conduct.

May 10

OVI: Dispatch sent a BOLO to let Miami County Sheriff’s Department about a Silver Dodge Journey all over the roadway. The vehicle was headed West on Ross Road from State Route 202. Dispatch advised the vehicle was passing Wild Cat Road and that Huber Heights Police was following the vehicle but lost him and could not relocate him. There was another caller calling in about the vehicle not maintaining his lane and all over the roadway.

On officer on South Hyatt Street proceeded to head south toward Cayman Circle to sit and see if the suspect vehicle would head north on South Tipp Cowlesville Road ( South Hyatt turns into this street). About two minutes later, the officer observed a vehicle heading north on South Tipp Cowlesville Road at a high rate of speed and identified it as the car described by dispatch.

The officer activated cruiser lights and siren and called out the traffic stop. The officer approached the vehicle and observed a male driver alone in the car. When asked for his license and insurance, the driver just stared at his wallet and seemed unable to focus, according to the report. The officer noted a strong odor of alcohol and the driver stated he had been at Bunkers sports bar in Vandalia. He told the officer he’d had a “good amount” to drink.

The driver was identified as Michael Burch. The officer noted his severely slurred speech. The officer asked Burch to shut off his bright lights that were on so he did not blind oncoming traffic. When he attempted to turn these off, he turned the windshield wipers on.

When he stepped out of the car, he was staggering and very off balance and could not walk straight. Burch refused all sobriety testing and was placed under arrest.

The officer located a plastic cup on the back floor board with liquid in it, which smelled like liquor.

Burch was charged with two counts of OVI, marked lanes violation and one count of open container in a motor vehicle. Burch had a prior OVI in 2004.

May 9

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 300 block of North Third Street in reference to criminal damage. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a resident who stated someone sprayed weed killer on his two trees and some of his grass on the south side of the property. He showed the officer two trees that were still in pots and were almost dead. The officer noted that the grass might have been slowly dying but added that it was hard to tell. The resident said that he and his neighbor do not get along.

OVI: An officer responded to a report of a crash in the Taco Bell drive thru. Upon arrival, the officer observed two vehicles stopped behind the ordering speaker at Taco Bell.

The caller was sitting on the sidewalk out of his vehicle and he advised dispatch the other driver might be intoxicated.

The officer approached the white vehicle and observed three males inside. The driver, who was found to be Jason Parker, stated his foot slipped off the petal and it caused him to hit the car in front of him.

Parker denied having had anything to drink. The officer noted that his eyes were heavy and drooping and that his speech was slow. Parker was asked if he had smoked any marijuana or done any drugs. He told the officer, “I smoked some bud.”

He agreed to sobriety testing and was placed under arrest for OVI.

While searching him, the officer located a small bag of white powder substance in a pinched off bag and a pinched back with a brown substance. Parker stated that the white powder was meth and the brown was klotopin wrapped up in multiple bags and things.