Police reports

April 13

DRUG OFFENSE: An officer stopped a vehicle on West Main Street for failure to stop at a red light. The driver, identified as Shawn Hannah, told the officer he was aware of the red light, but didn’t want to “slam on the brakes,” according to the police report. A check in LEADS showed Hannah was driving with a suspended license. While speaking with the driver, the officer noted a smell of marijuana and asked Hannah’s consent to search the vehicle. A search found a baggie of marijuana. Hannah was cited for driving under suspension and possession of marijuana.

HARASSMENT: A resident reported a fake IRS call to the police department. She did not give any further information, but wanted to be sure the department knew that it had happened in the area.

DRUG OFFENSE: An officer traveling northbound on Interstate 75 spotted a vehicle that he had pulled over several times before and initiated a traffic stop, knowing that the driver did not have a valid license. The driver, identified as Craig Behm, had three passengers with him in the car. The officer spotted a half empty bottle of beer in the center console, which Behm said was not his. The officer asked if there was anything illegal in the car and Behm replied that there was nothing illegal that he knew about, and gave his consent for the vehicle to be searched. A search of the vehicle turned up a piece of aluminum foil with burn marks, which according to the report is common for smoking narcotics, as well as two capsules of suspected heroin hidden in a Willie Nelson CD case in the center console. Behm was charged with possession of drugs and driving under suspension.

April 14

OVI: Department assisted OSP with an OVI stop.

DISTURBANCE: Officers were called to West Walnut Street for a large group arguing in the street. The disturbance turned out to be children playing a game. They were asked to quiet down.

April 15

SHOTS FIRED: Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of West Plum Street to a shots fired call twice within 45 minute, each having multiple callers. The area was extensively searched on foot and officers were unable to locate anyone.