Police reports

March 22

OVI: The department received a report of an unidentified intoxicated white male at Arby’s who got into a verbal disagreement with restaurant staff before throwing a container of cheese. He and his vehicle were gone on arrival.

March 23

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Directly from the report: “Bambi was struck by a vehicle and went to that large prairie in the sky but the body remained in the roadway and had to be removed.”

SUSPICIOUS: An officer responded to Hinder’s in reference to a suspicious male in a car. Upon arrival, the officer observed the occupant vomiting out of the door of the vehicle. The man told the officer he’d given his keys to the bartender and was waiting for a friend to pick him up. The officer talked to the bartender, who said he’d followed the man out to his car so he wouldn’t drive away.

March 24

DRUG OFFENSE: After observing a grey Pontiac driving the wrong way on a one way near Burger King and nearly causing an accident, a patrolman attempted a traffic stop that continued for several streets before stopping on Rohrer Drive. The driver was identified as William Sweatt and the officer noted a smell of marijuana, which Sweatt admitted to having in the car. He was charged with having no license plate light, drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

OVI: Dispatch received a call from the West Main Street Speedway about a male customer who appeared to be intoxicated. The store clerk said he made a purchase and left in a white van. Officer located the vehicle on Commanche Lane and identified the driver as Billy Seigars. According to the report, Seigars smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech. He admitted to police that he had been drinking and agreed to field sobriety testing and breath test. He was cited with OVI.

March 25

DRUG OFFENSE: An officer stopped a vehicle traveling south on County Road 25-A after the vehicle made several marked lane violations. The driver, identified as Lewis Parks, leaned over to get his insurance information and registration from the glove box when the officer noticed a bag of marijuana in the door. Parks told the officer that the marijuana was his and that he did not have a driver’s license. The officer ran his information through LEADS and found that Parks had a warrant. He was charged with drug possession, driving under suspension and drug paraphernalia.