Police reports

Feb. 23

DRUG POSSESSION: An officer made a traffic stop on S. County Road 25-A near Coach Road for a vehicle with a headlight out. The driver was identified as Chelsea Avner

DRUG POSSESSION: While patrolling in the area of S. County Road 25-A, an officer pulled over a vehicle with a broken taillight. After making contact with the driver, 19 year old Michael Nelson, the officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana. The passengers were identified as 18 year olds Ronald Pietro and Lucas Webb, along with a juvenile occupant. Nelson admitted to the officer that they had smoked marijuana in the car recently.

The occupants of the car were searched and found to have nothing illegal on their persons. A search of the car turned up 8.7 grams of marijuana, one blunt, five unopened beers, two unopened Smirnoff Ice bottles, an unopened bottle of Southern Comfort, and an open container of vodka.

Nelson was cited for brake lights and all four were advised that they would be issued court summons for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and underage alcohol possession.

Feb. 25

PROPERTY: A resident stopped at the station to turn over items found in her yard. She stated that she was outside doing some yard work and found a bag of marijuana, a homemade bong and a cellphone in her side yard.

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to Tipp City Foodtown in reference to a theft in progress. A manager told police that a tall black male attempted to quick-change scam one of the cashiers.

Feb. 26

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: An officer responded to a call about a juvenile shooting a BB gun at a residence on Garber Drive and hitting a passing car. All parties agreed to the juvenile paying for damages in lieu of criminal charges.

WARRANT: After witnessing an unsafe lane change on northbound Interstate 75, an office made a traffic stop in the parking lot of the BP on Main Street. The driver admitted that he did not have a driver’s license and identified himself to the officer. The officer ran the name given by the driver through LEADS and noted that the search result returned photos of tattoos the driver did not have. The officer located the driver’s wallet on the front seat of the car and found a social security card with the name Donald Skeens. LEADS showed that Skeens had an active warrant out of Shelby County.

Skeens was transported to the Miami County Jail and charged with driving under suspension and obstructing official business. He was served with the warrant.

The other occupants of the car also did not have valid licenses. The female passenger had a previous traffic stop where drugs were located. The officer asked to search the vehicle and she consented. A used syringe was located in the headliner above the windshield.

Feb. 27

SUSPICIOUS: The department received a report of a man waving a pistol around in a vehicle on Parkwood. Officer issued a warning about having an airsoft pistol in vehicle unsecured.


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