Tipp City police reports

Feb. 8

OVI: An officer was called to the Taco Bell on West Main Street on a report of an intoxicated driver in the drive thru around 11:30 p.m. While en route, the officer was notified that the driver left Taco Bell and went to the ATM at US Bank. When the officer arrived at the bank, the vehicle was unoccupied. Another officer reported that the driver first tried to get back into her car on the passenger side before walking around to the driver’s side, noting that she had to lean against the car to keep from falling. As the first officer pulled around the building, the car backed up and then sped forward. The driver then pulled into the Igloo Drive Thru. The first officer parked and waited for the driver to exit the drive thru; he noted that she seemed to be having trouble putting the car in drive.

As the driver, Michaela Snell, exited the drive through, the officer activated his lights. The report states that, “the female driver looked at me, drove past me and entered the drive thru of the Taco Bell again.” The officer exited his vehicle and made contact with the driver, noting an odor of alcohol coming from her person. The report states that she looked through two purses and never found her license. She was asked to step out of her vehicle and the second officer moved her vehicle out of the drive thru lane.

She agreed to field sobriety testing and was placed under arrest for OVI afterward. She was transported to the station for further testing and and gave a sample of .210 BAC. She was advised that her license was suspended and released to a family member.

Feb. 11

DRUG POSSESSION: An officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle belonging to a person with a suspended license on northbound Interstate 75. The driver was identified as the owner, Courtney Vaughn of Sidney, and the passengers as Freddy Buss of Troy and Carl Crawford of Sidney. The passengers were checked for weapons and placed in the back of a cruiser. Crawford permitted an officer to check his cigarette pack, who noted that the filter was slightly torn off and noted that this is common for drug users when using syringes. A search of the vehicle located a hypodermic syringe in plain view. Buss told the officer that Crawford had sworn that he didn’t have any drugs on him when they offered him a ride.

Crawford told the sergeant that he had a hidden pocket in his jacket. It was found to contain a used needle. He then admitted he was “concealing heroin in his butt cheeks.” There was a total of nine capsules in cigarette pack cellophane.

Vaughn was cited for driving under suspension and failure to reinstate. Crawford was transported to the county jail and booked in for possession of heroin and drug abuse instruments.