Jan. 11

DRUG PARAPHERNALIA: While patrolling in the are of Circle K, an officer saw a silver Honda enter the parking lot and noticed the driver did not enter the store. About 10 minutes later, the officer noted that the vehicle’s hood was up. After another 10 minutes, the officer observed a red Mustang park beside the Honda and saw the drivers have a brief conversation before the red Mustang left. The officer approached the Honda and spoke to the driver, noting that he seemed “highly nervous.” The driver, Derrick Tomlin, said his car was overheating and he was stopping to get some lottery tickets. The officer ran Tomlin’s information through LEADs and Justice Web and found that he had prior charges for cocaine and was on active probation in Montgomery County. Tomlin consented to a vehicle search, which turned up at a cut straw with white residue inside. When tested, the residue gave an immediate blue reaction indicating cocaine. Tomlin blamed family members using his vehicle. He was charged with drug paraphernalia.

ACCIDENT: Two vehicles, one into median wall and one into sound barrier wall. EMS transported both drivers.

CITIZEN ASSIST: Reporting party found a bat in the residence and was insistent that officers help her trap it. She was advised to call nuisance control.

Jan. 12

BURGLARY: An officer was dispatched to a home in the 200 block of South Fifth Street in reference to a theft complaint. The resident told the officer that someone entered the residence through an unlocked window. She said when she arrived home, her clothes were strewn across the room and $140 was missing from a bag. She mentioned that she’d had people stay recently who have a history of drug and would have known that the window was unlocked.

Jan. 13

DRIVING UNDER SUSPENSION: An officer conducted a traffic stop in the 3000 block of State Route 571 for a speed violation. After running the driver’s information through LEADS, the officer found that Paul Mayo’s license was suspended for OVI refusal. The female passenger was also under suspension. He was unable to provide proof of insurance, so the vehicle was towed to the city’s impound lot. Mayo was issued a citation for speed and driving under an OVI suspension.

Jan. 14

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to Menards in reference to a theft. An employee reported that seven knives, valued at $213, were stolen. The suspect was a white male, who took the knives to the restroom where he removed them from the packaging. He then purchased a clothing item and left the store.