Dec. 14

OVI: A vehicle at the four-way intersection of Fourth and Dow Streets failed to yield to a marked police cruiser that had the right of way, prompting the officer to initiate a stop. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Nicole Seger. The officer reported an odor of alcohol and slurred speech. Seger admitted that she had just come from Tony’s Bada Bing, where she had been drinking. Her breath test yielded a result of .115 BAC. She was placed under arrest and cited with OVI.

Dec. 17

DRUG POSSESSION: After midnight, an officer stopped a vehicle traveling westbound on Main Street with just its parking lights on. The driver was identified as Anthony Spangler and the occupants as Kyle Griffith and Joseph Patrick. Griffith, the sole occupant of the back seat, appear to be trying to hide something under his seat, according to the report. Officers ordered the three out of the vehicle and noted an odor of marijuana on Griffith’s person. A small glass cylinder containing suspected marijuana was found in his side pocket. Patrick voluntarily handed over another cylinder shaped container of suspected marijuana. Griffith and Patrick were charged with possession of marijuana, Spangler was given a warning for the headlight violation.

Dec. 18

SOLICITING: An officer on routine patrol noticed a white male approaching occupied vehicles in the Foodtown parking lot. He was identified at Brandon Lanning. Lanning told the officer he was asking for directions to La Quinta. Later that day, the department received a report that a white male was approaching people and asking for money. The officer located Lanning in the parking lot of the Speedway on Weller Drive. He said he wasn’t asking people for anything. Witnesses said he was asking for money to have his car towed. Lanning told police he does not own a car. He was cited with soliciting and given a court date.

Dec. 19

THEFT: A resident in the 700 block of Larch Street reported the theft of a package. Her father was sending her a Black and Decker microwave that was supposed to have been delivered, but never arrived.

Dec. 21

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A resident in the 906 block of Westedge reported that two of her vehicles were keyed overnight.