Tipp City police reports

Aug. 22

BURGLARY: A resident came to the police department to report a burglary at her apartment on Sequoia Court. She told police that she arrived home from work to find her back door open and several items missing, including an Xbox 360, a Playstation, a 70 inch TV, several pairs of shoes, and a gold chain.

Aug. 23

THEFT: Police were dispatched to the CVS on West Main Street in reference to a theft in progress. The store manager reported that a male suspect left the store in a mini van and gave police the license plate number. A traffic stop was made a short distance away. The driver told police that he had been waiting in the vehicle outside the store, when one of his passengers, Sean Dillon, came running out and told him to leave quickly, leaving behind a female passenger. Police searched the vehicle and found a bag containing three capsules of suspected heroin, a used syringe and a used metal pipe. The female passenger, Billie Jean Melton, was found still inside the CVS. The store manager told police she had tried to return a torn up box of pens and Claritin, which she claimed to have purchased at another store. He offered her a gift card for 60 percent of the value and told police she did not notice the difference in value, which he felt indicated the items were stolen. An officer checked her purse and found several IDs for other women, two capsules containing a powder and two used capsules, as well as a tip cap for a syringe. Dillon and Melton were charged with possession of heroin, possession of drug abuse instruments, and theft.

Aug. 24

DRUG OFFENSE: Officers were dispatched to the area of Hot Head Burrito in response to a woman unconscious in a car. An officer two naloxone kits to the unresponsive woman, identified as Courtney Vaughn. A male passenger, Josh Roe, told police he likely had a felony warrant out of Shelby County, which was confirmed. He also advised that Vaughn had taken a cap of heroin with a syringe and that she had more drugs hidden in her bra, which were recovered by a female EMS crew member. Police also found a bag containing two syringes, alcohol prep pads, cotton and a tourniquet. Roe told police that they had gone to Dayton to buy drugs, which they’d both used, and that half of the heroin belonged to him. Both Roe and Vaughn were transported to UVMC to be cleared to enter the jail. Both were charged with probation violation, possession of heroin and possession of drug abuse instruments.

THEFT: Police responded to a call about a vehicle stolen from the Speedway on West Main Street. The silver Mustang was left with the keys inside while the driver was in the business.

Aug. 25

THEFT: A resident of Ford Ave. alerted police that several bundles of firewood have been stolen from his backyard over the last few nights.

OVI: Police stopped a vehicle that turned from West Main Street to Kinna Drive to avoid an OVI checkpoint. The officer asked the driver if he had been drinking and he said yes. The officer noted an odor of alcohol and that the driver had bloodshot eyes. The officer performed a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test, which gave results of .045 and .042. Williams advised that he had diabetes and was not in good health. He was charged with physical control.