Police reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Dec. 16

OVERDOSE: A deputy responded to the Greenville National Bank located at 11929 W. U.S. Route 36 on a possible overdose. After further investigation a hypodermic needle and several capsules were located, and the single occupant in the vehicle was transported to the Upper Valley Medical Center.

BURGLARY: A deputy was dispatched to the 2200 block of Rugged Hill Road, Casstown, in reference to a burglary.

Dec. 17

TRESPASSING: A deputy responded to Honey Creek Preserve Park after a refused caller reported someone may be hunting on park property. After responding to the area the deputy discovered tire tracks leading into the field north of State Route 571. The deputy later discovered footprints that led back towards park property and after further investigation a trail camera and a pile of feed were located. Not knowing if this is park property Dan Weaver was contacted and the information was forwarded to him. Weaver advised he would follow up and investigate the matter with Deputy Boggs.

Dec. 18

WARRANT: A deputy observed a suspicious vehicle pull into the driveway of 5260 State Route 571, Bethel Township. The passenger was arrested on a out of county warrant. Driver was arrested for drug trafficking.

OVI: A deputy responded to a one vehicle crash at Wilson Road and State Route 55, Concord Township. The driver, Bernard Christian, was suspected to be operating under the influence of alcohol. He was subsequently arrested and taken back to the station where he submitted a breath sample with a result of .305 BAC. Christian’s license was suspended and he was given his copies of the paperwork and citations.

Dec. 19

SCAM: A deputy was dispatched to the 200 block of East High Street, Pleasant Hill, in reference a computer scam complaint.

Dec. 20

BATTERIES GONE: A deputy responded to the 9100 block of State Route 201, Bethel Township, in reference to a theft complaint. Vehicle batteries had been stolen out of two semi trucks which had been parked on the property overnight. A total of eight heavy-duty batteries were taken.

SEX OFFENDER ADDRESS CHECK: A deputy attempted to contact Roger Whetstone in the 1200 block of Heritage Drive Troy, to complete the required quarterly address verification for registered sexual offenders. The deputy spoke with occupant who advised that he and his wife had moved in to the address in December. The resident provided a written statement indicating he did not personally know Whetstone, nor did he know when Whetsone had moved out or where he had moved.

Dec. 21

ASSIST: A pizza delivery driver was in the 1600 block of Laurel Creek, Concord Township, delivering pizzas. The driver stated an ember from a cigarette started to burn his floor mat and he became sick from inhaling the fumes.

He stated he was dizzy and went to lay down in the nearest yard. One of the nearby residents called in due to his suspicious behavior. A sergeant called a squad for the driver to be checked. While the driver was in the ambulance, the officer found where his floor mat had about a 3-inch hole where it had been smoldering. There were several small pieces of paper scattered about that had been on fire.

Medics advised the driver did not need to be transported but should get checked by his doctor or go to the ER if the dizziness and nausea persists. The officer advised the resident of the situation and that the driver’s car would remain there until he could get someone to help him pick it up. The officer gave the driver a ride back to Dominos on West Main Street to speak to his boss.

ASSIST FIRE DEPARTMENT: A deputy was dispatched to assist Pleasant Hill Fire Department at the 200 block of South Main Street, Pleasant Hill. The fire department advised that the homeowner was pacing around household items in the side yard and in and out of the home. The deputy noticed a chair and other items laying in the grass area next to the home. There was a very small amount of smoke coming from what looked like a plastic cup among the items laying in the yard. The deputy knocked on the door and homeowner answered. The deputy asked the homeowner if he was trying to burn the items in the yard and he said “No.” He said he was just getting rid of some household things that he did not want anymore. He stated he was unsure how the item caught on fire. The homeowner agreed to allow the fire department to check the home for any fire issues and none were found. The homeowner was advised to pick up the items in the yard and get them into the trash. He said he would do so in the morning. Nothing else was found to be an issue at the home.