Police reports

Sept. 10

ASSIST CITIZEN: Reporting party found a hole in his van, wanted police to tell him if it was a bullet hole.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: Reporting party believes someone punctured her gas tank. Reported at Tipp City Foodtown.

CHILD ABUSE OR NEGLECT: Reporting party called to report two small children in diapers playing at Tweed Woods Park. Officer caught the two kids and put them in the cruiser. Mother was later located and said the kids snuck out. Report taken and forwarded to Children’s Services. The children were 2 and 3 years old.

TELEPHONE HARASSMENT: Resident reported harassing messages from his ex-wife’s boyfriend. He was contacted and advised to stop any further contact.

SUSPICIOUS: Landlord wanted officer to walk through complex on North Third Street because of marijuana smell.

Sept. 11

FRAUD: Arbogast reported a fraud where a suspect is using a fake name to purchase a new van. They will contact when the suspect comes to pick up the van.

DRUG OFFENSE: Traffic stop for lane violation at South County Road 25-A and Donn Davis Way. After speaking with the driver, she turned over some marijuana and pipe. K9 alerted and other paraphernalia found.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Brown and white pitbull found in front of a home on Shoshoni Way. Owner located, stated dog tore off outside leash and got loose. No further issues.

ASSIST CITIZEN: Citizen reported Spectrum employees driving through lawn. Was advised that they were working on the lines. If he had any further issues, he was told to contact Spectrum.

Sept. 12

TELEPHONE HARASSMENT: Reporting party advised a “foreigner” keeps calling. She advised she never opened a student loan. She believes the caller was trying to get her personal information.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Caller broke up with girlfriend. Her dad came to his house to confront him. Male gone on arrival.

Sept. 13

BURGLAR ALARM: Alarm at DP&L substation. Checked around the fence area for any cuts. All secure.

Sept. 14

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Report of five males in parking lot of the La Quinta Inn drinking. Contact made with males, stated they were staying the hotel. Advised to move the drinking to their rooms. No further issues.

DRUG OFFENSE: Daughter found father overdosed in home. Narcan administered by officers and EMS. Male transported to Grandview Medical Center for evaluation. Charges pending lab evidence.

Sept. 15

SUSPICIOUS: Spoke with subject in area of Parkwood Drive. He had a cardboard tube and plastic sword. He is there for a family reunion. No problem.

FIREWORKS COMPLAINT: Report of fireworks in the area of West Plum and North Seventh Street. Contact made with suspect, admitted to setting off fireworks for daughter’s birthday. Was advised to stop, no further issues.

NOISE COMPLAINT: Report of loud music in the area of Amokee Place and Warner Drive. Heard music coming from residence and made contact with homeowner. Warned for loud music.