Tipp City police reports

Aug. 10

OVI: An officer on E. Main St. at the bike path saw a blue Volvo C70 traveling east on E. Main St. driving at 40 mph coming down the hill and cross the bike path without slowing down. The officer could hear the radio in the car as it passed.

The officer pulled the vehicle over on E. Main St. near the range. After approaching the vehicle, the officer had to knock on the window and yell at the driver to turn the music down. The driver was identified as Thomas E. Heil.

When asked if he knew the speed limit was on E. Main St., Heil said it was 35 mph. The officer explained to him that it was 25 mph. I asked him for his drivers license, insurance, and registration. He gave me his drivers license and stared at me. I asked him again for the rest of the information. He could not operate his phone to show me proof of insurance.

The officer noted an odor of alcohol coming from his person and asked him if he had drank anything tonight. He said no, and the officer told him the reason that he asked was because he could smell the alcohol. Heil stated that he had drank some scotch. Heil also stated that he takes Percocet for pain.

Heil agreed to standard field sobriety tests. He was cited with OVI, as well as speed and loud radio violations.

Aug. 11

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to the 1200 block of Sequoia Court in reference to a suspicious incident.

Upon arrival the officer contacted the reporting party/victim, who related that sometime overnight someone got into her locked vehicle and messed with her paperwork. They also stole two Vicodin pills from her console and left a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses in the door.

She requested a report and more checks of the area.

Aug. 12

HEROIN POSSESSION: An officer on routine patrol in a marked cruiser in the area of northbound I-75 was behind a silver Ford Taurus. A check of the registration it showed that the driver had a suspended license.

The officer checked the driver through LEADS and it showed that the male was still suspended with multiple suspensions. The officer stopped the vehicle, but after activating the cruiser’s lights noticed what appeared to be a syringe being thrown out of the window.

The driver, identified as Brandon P. Whitt, stated that he was suspended. The officer advised the driver about the syringe being thrown out the window. Whitt stated that he didn’t have anything to say. He was then handcuffed and placed in the back of the cruiser. The passenger was identified as Neil Alan Mullen. When the officer asked him about the syringe, he stated that he didn’t know anything.

An additional unit Smith arrived and stayed with Whitt and Mullens, while the officer walked southbound on I-75 and located the syringe that had been run over.

Both Whitt and Mullens were both suspended and the vehicle was impounded. An inventory of the vehicle turned up a capsule of suspected heroin in the center console. Whitt again he stated that he didn’t have anything to say about the syringe and heroin.

After the vehicle was towed, another officer located a baggie with three capsules of suspected heroin where the car had been parked.

Whitt was transported to the Miami County Jail. Another officer transported Mullens to Circle K where he waited for a ride.

Whitt was charged with possession of heroin, tampering with evidence, possession of drug abuse instruments and driving under suspension.

Aug. 15

DRUG PARAPHERNALIA: An officer was dispatched to a reported vehicle on Evanston Road. Dispatch told the officer that a male had called them and told them that his truck broke down on I-75 southbound and he walked onto Evanston Road.

The officer found the juvenile on Evanston at York Meadows. The driver stated that his truck had broken down and he contacted his insurance company to send a tow truck out for his vehicle. An hour passed and the tow had not arrived so he decided to walk.

The officer asked him if he had anything illegal on him and he stated that he had a pocket knife and some weed in his pocket. The officer removed the knife and cigarettes from his pocket, but did not find weed. The juvenile then advised that his friend must have taken the weed with him.

Dispatch advised that Ohio State Patrol had a unit out with the truck and the juvenile’s grandfather, the owner of the vehicle.

The juvenile was transported back to his truck. The officer explained to the grandfather that the juvenile had cigarettes in his possession and that he had admitted to having weed on him earlier in the night. The grandfather gave permission to search the vehicle. The officer opened the driver’s door and found a glass pipe which was brown in color in the door.

The driver was cited with drug paraphernalia and under age tobacco.