Tipp City police reports

Aug. 4

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to the 700 block of Commanche Lane in Tipp City in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, the officer was contacted by the reporting parties, who advised they were gone all day yesterday and got home in the evening. She stated the angel was knocked off the shelf by the front window.

The reporting party advised she then looked outside and noticed the items outside the window was also moved around and the screen was lose from the window. She said they didn’t notice anything missing until this morning when they went to take their medications. The couple had approximately 80 Xanax pills taken and Norco pills taken.

They advised that they don’t know who would’ve taken them and they usually have the pills hidden. Nothing else seemed to be missing in the apartment.

Aug. 5

FRAUD: An officer responded to Fox’s Pizza in reference to a possible fraud complaint. The manager reliquished a $100 bill which appeared to be counterfeit.

A witness who was working the time of the incident stated that the day before a white male in his mid 20s came into the store and ordered a pizza and two sodas. He asked if she could break a $100 and she said yes. He paid for the pizza with the $100. He then took the 2 sodas and left the store but then never returned for the pizza. After checking the bill closer, she realized it may be counterfeit. She also related that the suspect was a passenger in a black 2 door coupe and the driver was also a white male.

The manager reviewed the video system and was able to retrieve video of the incident. The officer took the bill to three different banks which all confirmed that it was fake. The department will be sending the bill to the Secret Service for further investigation.

Aug. 7

OVI: An officer in the area of Weller and Main Street observed a black Jeep driving westbound on W. Main St. The officer followed the Jeep, which was driving under the posted speed limit (35). The vehicle crossed the center yellow line and over corrected back into the lane of travel. The vehicle again crossed the center yellow line and continued driving while straddling the line. At this point, the officer activated emergency lights and pulled the Jeep over in front of Fifth Third Bank.

The officer made contact with the driver, Kathy Vickers, and informed her of the reason for the stop. Speaking with Kathy, the officer could see red glassy eyes and her speech was slow and slurred. The vehicle smelled like something recently had been sprayed, and Vickers had either a mint or gum in her mouth. She said that she just left Hinders Sports Bar and Grill in Tipp City. When asked if she had anything to drink, she advised that she drank approximately five beers between 2100 hours and when she left at approximately 2315 hours.

Vickers agreed to field sobriety testing. During the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test, the officer observed lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes, distinct nystagmus at max deviation in both eyes and onset of nystagmus prior to 45 degrees in both eyes.

During the walk and turn test she did not take heel-to-toe steps, and completed an improper turn. During the single leg stand test she was swaying while balancing, miscounted, and placed her foot down three times during the test.

Vickers was cited for OVI and marked lanes violation.

Aug. 8

DRUG POSSESSION: An officer was dispatched in regards to a solicitor at La Quinta Inn. Upon arrival Ithe officer spoke with an employee who described the female that was soliciting in the parking lot. She advised that she talked with the manager and he wanted her trespassed if she was located by the police.

The officer drove around the area and noticed a female matching the description given crossing Weller from Speedway to Arby’s which is next to La Quinta Inn. The officer made contact with the female who identified her self as Amie M. Guerra. Dispatch advised that she had a warrant out of Miami County from Troy.

Guerra was not acting right and claimed that she was just released from Good Sam and was on her way home to Piqua. Dispatch confirmed the warrant and another officer patted down Guerra and placed her in handcuffs. She was then placed in the cruiser. An officer went through Guerra’s belongings and found a syringe in a rolled up sock.

Guerra requested a medic. Tipp City Medic 1 responded and transported her to UVMC. When the hospital released Guerra, the officer transported her to the Miami County Jail on Troy’s warrant.

Syringe was placed into evidence and will be sent to the Crime Lab, charges pending results.

Guerra was cited with possession of drug abuse instrument. She was also warned for soliciting and tresspassed from La Quinta Inn.