Police reports

July 6

BAD CHECK: An officer was dispatched to Tipp Food Town on West Main Street in Tipp City in reference to a bad check complaint.

Upon my arrival, a clerk advised she accepted a check on June 5, 2015, from Joshua Minton in the amount of $1,700.00. The check is from American Pride Credit Union written pay to the order of Joshua Minton. The check came back as altered or fictitious.

The officer attempted to contact Minton by phone from the numbers in the department’s system and both phones are no longer in service. The officer contacted utilities and they advised the apartment that Minton lived in is now empty with no tenant.

An employee at American Pride Credit Union advised that check is a counterfeit and the FBI and Secret Service is working on it. She advised most of the checks are either secret shopper or from Craigslist.

July 8

THEFT: A deputy responded to the 3000 block of Ginghamsburg-Frederick Road, Tipp City where the homeowner reported that someone had entered into the unlocked detached garage and took a lawn tiller and two chain saws.

July 9

THEFT: A deputy responded to State Route 721, Laura, for a theft complaint. The homeowner advised he had multiple tools stolen out of his work garage on his property. He stated this incident might have taken place on July 7. The homeowner was able to provide a stolen property sheet.

July 10

THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to the 6000 block of Palmer Road, New Carlisle on a theft complaint. The deputy made contact with the homeowner who stated that she had a few items taken from her yard while she was at work.

The homeowner stated that when she came from work on July 8, 2015 she noticed that her washing machine was taken from the front yard. She stated that the washing machine was scrap but she put it at the end of her driveway behind a bush for her brother to pick up. She also advised that two bar stools were taken from her yard. She said she had two bar stools located in the front yard with a for sale sign in front of them. She stated that the sign must have blown over but they were not trash and were for sale. She noticed the bar stools missing on today’s date when she returned home from work.

She stated a white male driving a silver Buick stopped by the residence on Friday, July 3, 2015, asking about the washing machine. She told the male it was not for sale and she was giving it to someone. She stated she already spoke with her neighbors to ask if they saw anything and they did not.

July 11

UNDERAGE CONSUMPTION: An officer on foot patrol at St. Johns festival at 753 S. Hyatt St and was advised that a bag and cell phone had been left behind a game booth by a female worker. While holding the cell phone, the phone rang and on the screen it said, “Mom”. The officer answered the phone and identified himself to the female on the phone, explaining that there cell phone and a bag were left unsupervised.

She stated that her son had not answered her calls for the last two hours and identified him for the officer. The officer left the bag with another officer.

While the officer was getting ready to leave the festival area, a young male came up to and stated his friend lost his bag and phone. He confirmed the name of the phone’s owner.

As the officer was walking, a female that was working the toy booth pointed at a male walking away from her. Police stopped the male and asked him his name and told him they had his bag and phone. He started to walk to the other officer’s location and the female at the toy booth stated that he was upset at her because she told the officers about the bag and phone being left. She asked him if there was something he didn’t want the cops to find and he shook his head yes.

The first officer asked him if there was anything in the bag he wasn’t supposed to have. He stated no he didn’t mind and asked why the need to look in his bag. The second officer could smell the odor of alcohol coming from the juvenile male. He admitted to police that he took four shots of whiskey. In the bookbag was a beer can with remnants of liquid inside.

His father arrived on scene and took him home. He was charged with one count of offenses involving underage persons.

July 13

THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to the 5000 block of S. Dayton Brandt, Bethel Township, on report of a breaking and entering. The reporting party advised his motorcycle, John Deere Gator, a television, and a plastic tub full of fishing lures were stolen out of his barn.