Not against schools, against waste

Tipp City has a great school spirit, but sometimes not for the right reason. Campaign enthusiasm goes too far when someone destroys property, removes campaign signs and throws garbage in the yards of those expressing their free speech right in opposition to Issue 5, Tipp City School’s levy.

Those voting against Issue 5, love their community, kids and schools; however, residents, particularly seniors, are justifiably worried about how they can continue to remain in their home and community if they can’t afford their property tax due to the passage of so many levies. Some question the financial soundness of the abrupt shotgun approach to bulldoze Broadway and Central and build new K-third grade facility at 100 percent cost to the local tax payer, instead of securing state funding which could subsidize the cost by up to 25 percent. Many feel the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) should be involved in the project oversight regardless of the plan. That commission recently determined that the newly built Tipp City high school was overbuilt by 40,000 square foot using 100 percent local taxpayer dollars and no state funding. The state funded the school renovation in Greenfield, Ohio (a school built in 1914) paying for 82 percent of the cost. Recently Miami East moved into a new high school utilizing OSFC funding. Issue 5, represents a rushed plan that should be carefully reconsidered before taxing our residents $50-54 million, including interest over 37 years.

Regardless of one’s position on Issue 5, no resident deserves to be harassed or belittled because they are asking thoughtful and critical questions regarding the cost of a school levy. We are all in favor of good schools for our kids, but we are not in favor of wasting our hard earned money. We need fiscal responsibility from the school administration and board. Given that, we can improve our schools and save taxpayer dollars.

— Anne Zakkour

Tipp City